Winter 2018 Faves

I started writing those “Monthly Obsessions” posts years ago and I still love the concept! That’s why I decided to give the series another chance. Since I already missed three months of 2018, I decided to regroup them into a “winter faves” post. I’m not sure if I will continue the series monthly or do more seasonal posts like this one, because sometimes it’s just hard to find enough material to talk about. 😅


Zero Time Dilemma (PS Vita)
There were not many new game releases in January, so I decided to continue playing certain games I hadn’t finished yet and one of the first games that came to my mind was Zero Time Dilemma. I started playing the game when it first came out in 2016 but unfortunately, I never finished it. I love the franchise but there were just some things I didn’t quite like so much about the last game. My biggest problem is the fragment flowchart. I preferred the way it was structured in the previous games. But after putting a few more hours into Zero Time Dilemma, I managed to make some progress and I’m close to finally finishing the game.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (PS4)
I started replaying Kingdom Hearts last year and since the entire HD Remix was still saved on my PS4’s hard drive, it was about time to play some more of those games. I had so much fun blasting through one of my favorite games, Kingdom Hearts II, at the beginning of the year. In March, I started Birth by Sleep which I had never played before. The fighting system is a bit different from the other games, but once you get used to it, it’s great! I finished both Terra and Ventus’ stories, but still need to finish Aqua’s though. Also, have I told you how much I love that trio? Because I really do ❤️

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4)
I own Shadow of the Colossus on PS2 but this was my very first time beating the game. I’m not sure why I never finished it back then, but I regret not doing it earlier. It was a great experience and it’s now one of my favorite games. Avion was definitely the Colossi I had the most fun defeating! Even after beating the game, I’m sometimes trying my luck (and skills) in the time attack mode.

Florence (iOS)
I discovered this game in the app store and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous art style. I finished it in one sitting and it was a lovely experience! I don’t want to talk too much about it because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who still wants to play it.

Rime (PS4)
The game was free for PS+ owners a few months ago and I immediately downloaded and started playing it when I saw that. A bit like in Shadow of the Colossus, you find yourself in a world to be explored and you are hardly getting any hints or information on how to tackle the game. It’s all up to you and that’s good! Most of the puzzles are very intuitive and fun to solve. Of course, the more you progress in the game, the more depressing it gets. I wish I would have explored the different locations a bit more and felt like I rushed through the game a bit too much. So I might even replay it at some point if I have time.

Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)
On my way back from my second London trip, I spontaneously decided to play some more P4G on my Vita and now I’m OBSESSED with the game again. Which isn’t ideal with all the games that released in March and April. I try to play it a bit for an hour before going to bed, but it can be so hard to put the Vita down. I’m currently in August, so there is still enough to play.


Devilman Crybaby (Netflix)
I jumped on the Devilman bandwagon and holy shit it was amazing. I had trouble getting into the Netflix series at first, it was a bit too dark and gory for me. But I don’t regret finishing it at all. Also, I’m listening to the soundtrack on repeat!

Winter Anime (Netflix, Crunchyroll)
The winter anime season had A LOT to offer: Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc, A Place Further Than The Universe, Violet Evergarden, Pop Team Epic, etc. And, guess what? I started all of these shows, and finished maybe one. 😓 I really want to try to finish watching all of them though, because almost everything I mentioned above was pretty good!

Everything Sucks! – Season 1 (Netflix)
I watched the show while playing Shadow of the Colossus, so I did not always pay too much attention to it. But they immediately got me with that 90s nostalgia. The show was on one hand very bingeable, especially thanks to the 20-minute long episodes. But on the other, I’m not sure if I could really recommend it. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Most of the characters kind of annoyed me at first, but it got better towards the end.

The 100 – Seasons 1-4 (Netflix, DVD)
The 100 was on my to watch list for a very long time and I finally gave it a chance. I wasn’t crazy about the first season, but the episodes were always interesting enough to keep me watching. What the show does well are the different settings and there is definitely a lot of potential there. I really like the second season, the Mount Weather arc was really interesting to me. Season 3 went into a direction I had not predicted. Season 4 wasn’t great at first but got pretty interesting towards the end. My main problem with the show are the characters. Characters like Octavia and Murphy had a pretty interesting development so far, but I still can’t warm up to Clarke, Raven or even Bellamy. I could hardly tolerate most of the characters in the first season, where they acted in the most stupid way when they landed on Earth. Now that I’m all caught up, I’m still pretty excited to watch season 5 once it comes out.

Hawaii Five-0 – Season 3 (DVD)
After all the violence and drama in The 100, I wanted to continue a show that was a bit less depressing and that I’ve always loved, but never had time to continue. I’m currently making my way through the third season and I really enjoy it. The scenery is just so gorgeous and it makes me want to visit Hawaii even more. I also missed Steve and Danny so much. Hawaii Five-0 is a show I’m not really in a hurry to catch up on, but I’m happy it’s there if I need to take a break from all my current shows.

Supernatural – Season 3 (DVD)
I have always been interested in the adventures of the Winchester brothers, but every year, other shows were on my priority list and I didn’t have time to watch Supernatural. Now they are at season 13 and I’m still slowly trying to catch up. I’m finally done with season 3. Baby steps. At least, it makes it so much easier to binge the show since most of the seasons are on Netflix right now. So I try to do that whenever I don’t have anything else to watch.


After the Rain by Jun Mayuzuki – Volumes 1-4 (Manga, French)
I bought the first volume of the manga a while ago, not really knowing anything about it. I just fell in love with the cute cover and art! After finishing the first volume, I immediately wanted to read the next ones. In January, I found out about the anime adaptation and I was SO HAPPY! I watched all the currently available episodes and it’s perfect! It’s in certain ways almost better than the manga and I can only recommend that anyone who loves the romance and seinen genres to watch or read it!

Solanin by Inio Asano – Volume 1 (Manga, French)
My taste in manga has changed quite a bit over the last few months. Even if I still love reading shonen, I wanted to read something a bit more… mature. By watching some “manga haul” videos on youtube, the name Inio Asano kept being mentioned. I already knew about one of his works, “Goodnight Punpun” but unfortunately never really knew more about the mangaka. Since many people seem to recommend Solanin, I decided to pick it up in French (it’s also published in English by Viz Media). I don’t want to talk too much about the plot, because I think it’s one of those stories that you need to discover for yourself. But I felt immediately connected to the main character Meiko, regarding her job situation and future. So if you like short slice of life stories, definitely give this one a try!

Welcome to the Ballroom by Tomo Takeuch – Volume 1 (Manga, English)
I first heard about this series thanks to its anime adaptation. Yes, the character’s long necks bothered me as well at first, but I kind of fell in love with the story and characters. Ballroom dancing might also not be the most exciting sport in the world, but the mangaka definitely manages to make it really interesting. That’s why I decided to pick up the manga as well and I loved the first volume just as much as the anime. The art is GORGEOUS and I could just stare at the pages for ages. It’s a fresh new take on sports series, so if you like those, definitely give Welcome to the Ballroom a try.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day (Autobiography, English)
This book has been on my shelves for years and when I was a bit depressed and unmotivated at the beginning of the year, I needed to read something that inspired me. Felicia’s writing style is so funny and uplifting and it definitely showed me that it’s ok to be yourself and do whatever makes you happy.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green (Novel, English)
I’ve never read a John Green book, since I usually don’t really read contemporaries. But when I heard that this book was about a character struggling with OCD, I had to give it a chance. I’m struggling with OCD myself, so reading about a character who has similar struggles was really interesting. I wasn’t too crazy about the entire search for a fugitive billionaire plot though. But it’s so important to have better representation of mental health in our society and that’s one reason why I really appreciate this book.

Prettyboy Must Die by Kimberly Reid (Novel, English)
The premise of this book sounded like it was written for me, when I first heard about it. It’s about spies and the main character’s cover being blown due to becoming an internet sensation. The book is also inspired by the #Alexfromtarget story on Twitter, which is a pretty interesting idea. I’ve only started reading this book, but it’s pretty fun so far!

That’s it for this pretty long monthly favorites post! Hope you enjoyed reading about my latest faves and maybe it even inspired you to give one of those titles a chance! 😊


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