[Update] Video Games: Progression

I’ve decided to write a short article about the games I’ve been playing recently and update it from time to time.

The 3DS has been in my possession for more than a month and I’ve been using it pretty much every single day.  :green: If it wasn’t to play Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, I was at least streetpassing and beating the puzzle campaign and starting the Mii quest a second time.
And if I wasn’t using my 3DS, I was probably playing some games on the Xbox. Moving on to the list:

# Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: The game is a lot of fun, I’ve been playing Arcade mode with some of my favorite characters like Sakura, El Fuerte, Cammy, Ibuki and Dan. Other than that, I’ve been collecting the figures that you can also use in StreetPass and I’m only missing… 6 of them!! 😆 But except for that, I’m not playing the game anymore because I already spent way too much time playing this one if I could have focused on something else.

# Okamiden: I’ve seriously fallen in love with this game! I played its predecessor for a while but never finished it because it never really grabbed me. I don’t know what’s different with the DS version, maybe it’s Chibiterasu, maybe the not so difficult but fun puzzles or maybe the use of the stylus which is much more precise than a Wii remote. But all in all, I’ve been hooked and used every occasion, like bus or train ride to play it.  :green:

# Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Let’s be honest. I’ve been waiting to play this game for a while. I love Lego games. I love Pirates of the Caribbean. Perfect game for me, right? I played the demo and it’s just like I expected it to be. The characters made out of Lego are funny, the music is perfect since it’s the original soundtrack of the movies and there is a ton of stuff to do. Unfortunately, it still suffers from the same big problem as other Lego games: the extremely helpless and annoying IA. It’s sad that they didn’t made the effort to change that after so many popular franchises made into Lego games. But still, I’m always excited to see how they adapted my favorite scenes of the movies into the Lego world!  😛

# Bulletstorm: Everyone was talking about how awesome this game is and when I found it for half the price in a store, I had to get it! Especially because I was craving some kind of shooter to let out steam. 🙂  I only played for an hour but I already loved the way the story was told. And the characters. Did I mention the characters? I’ll try to beat Bulletstorm in between some of the other games I’m playing because it’s not my main point of interest right now.

# Portal 2: Well I’m not playing  it anymore since I beat the single player mode and co-op with my boyfriend. I’m only missing 4 achievements and I won’t really try to get them now. Because I think that I spent enough time with this amazing  game  😆 But one thing is sure: I had a lot of fun and enjoyed every single part of this game. Valve will never stop to surprise me!

# inFAMOUS: I was playing the first one non-stop until the PSN problem occurred. :S I kind of lost the motivation to finish it but I’m pretty sure I will be done with it once the second one will be released! Maybe I should also stop messing around in the huge cities and actually play the missions to be done with it faster. :green:

That’s pretty much the update for this month. I also keep track of my games on pages like backloggery, playfire or raptr. Feel free to add me and I hope that everyone enjoyed reading about my gaming life!


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