[Update] Tv Shows: Prison Break

Recently, I discovered a new tv show, Prison Break. I know, it first premiered in 2005 and was cancelled after 4 seasons but it never really appealed to me to start watching that show even if some of my friends recommended it to me. So after long hesitations, I decided to buy the first season on DVD and start watching it.

It took me maybe 2 or 3 episodes but once I was really hooked, I couldn’t stop watching. It’s pretty rare for me to watch a tv show so fast, especially if I also play games in between or have other things to catch up with. But it was kind of different with Prison Break. I really enjoyed the story so far and sympathized more and more with most of the characters which seemed pretty much impossible for me at the beginning since well, most of them are criminals.  :rolleyes:
My favorite character is by far T-Bag and I am extremely excited to know more about the past of some of these people but also what is going to happen next.

In this post, I wanted to share my newest gets from the show. It’s really frequent that once I am obsessed with something new, I try to find a lot of things like books, games or maybe action figures or posters from that particular obsession. In the case of Prison Break, it’s a bit more difficult to get my hands on things since the show is a bit older.

I’m starting this little collection post with the three Prison Break DVDs I own. There is season 1 that I have in French, season 2 in German and don’t ask me why but I also bought the very last episode or conclusion, The Final Break. Honestly, if I had known that I would enjoy the show so much, I would have immediately purchased the complete box set which would have been much cheaper than buying each season separately… :rolleyes: Damn, it’s always like that.

After finishing the first season, I decided to make a little jump to amazon and get myself the Prison Break: The Conspiracy game for 15€.  :green: I know, it’s probably bad but I’ve already played Lost: Via Domus too and it was still tolerable so I think I will survive this one too. Of course, there are always more reasons that push me to buy something like this, like the achievements for example!  :rolleyes: They are apparently extremely easy to get so a little 1000G more are always nice.

Again on amazon, a few days after getting the game, I found two books related to the show. First we have an official Behind the Scenes book which goes through the four seasons again, filled with a lot of pictures and memorable quotes. I would say a must for fans. 😀 Then, there was this German magazine, TV Highlights Extra, which is more like an episode guide but also contains a few interviews and a poster, so that’s also a nice plus especially if you know that there won’t be any Prison Beak related magazines anymore.

Finally, I wanted to add something I found at a flee market a while ago for really cheap money. A Prison Break t-shirt. Of course it was a new one and not very official but for 10€ if I remember right, I had to get it. It’s pretty hard to find some fan articles from the show these days so I’m glad with everything I can find.

That’s my collection update for now. I hope that I will be able to find a few more things like posters which are always nice or more magazines and books but until then, I will try to enjoy season 2 even if many people are telling me to stay away from the rest of the series. But that won’t actually happen.  😛


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