[Blogging] Video Games: Gaming Update

March was definitely one crazy month for new games. And a good one. I already shared my unboxing of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and took pictures of the Tomb Raider one, but didn’t have time to write that one yet. :S But here is a very short article to show my latest purchases of last week. Great variation and great games.

Games March-01

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[Shopping] Video Games: Naruto UNS3 True Despair Edition

As you could read in my last article, I was really excited to get my hands on the new Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 game or games, since I also ended up getting Naruto Powerful Shippuden for the 3DS, I was reading jogging stroller reviews when I read the news of the new game. The new Ultimate Ninja Storm game is available in two special editions: Will of Fire and True Despair. I decided to join the dark side this time and take the second one.


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[Blogging] Video Games: First Impressions (1)

I recently wrote about the huge amount of new games being released this month. I haven’t posted about all of them yet but I wanted to write my first impressions on some of these new games that I have been playing recently. Just to remind that these aren’t reviews of any kind, just my thoughts and things I noticed while playing for a few hours. Also, there are no spoilers or nothing related to the story here. I picked these four games even if I still played more this month. Depending on my progress, I might write about the other ones in another article.  😉

Kid Icarus: Uprising

This game was actually one of the titles I was looking forward to the most ever since I bought the 3DS. Now that I finally got it, I played for a while and so far it’s really fun. It’s actually really entertaining to listen to the characters talk while you play but I think it’s actually sad that you can’t focus 100% on these dialogues since you have to keep your eyes on the upper screen while the rest is happening on the touch screen. If you don’t actually mind that, it’s alright but I would still have preferred playing the game and getting a real cutscene after beating a level. Then there are tons of unlockables, so the replay value to get everything is high. I don’t know how many levels or chapters there are but most of them are quite short so at least it’s worth playing through them a few times. You will have to fight a boss after each level but most of these aren’t too hard. You can also increase the difficulty or play under certain conditions at the beginning of each level. Something that really pleases me, not that it’s really important but I like the design of the game and the way everything looks. Everything is adorable, Pit’s expressions are lovely and it gives the game more personality. I still need to test the other features of the game since there is still more to discover but I have to say that I’m not disappointed of my purchase so far.

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[Update] Video Games: Progression

I’ve decided to write a short article about the games I’ve been playing recently and update it from time to time.

The 3DS has been in my possession for more than a month and I’ve been using it pretty much every single day.  :green: If it wasn’t to play Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, I was at least streetpassing and beating the puzzle campaign and starting the Mii quest a second time.
And if I wasn’t using my 3DS, I was probably playing some games on the Xbox. Moving on to the list:

# Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: The game is a lot of fun, I’ve been playing Arcade mode with some of my favorite characters like Sakura, El Fuerte, Cammy, Ibuki and Dan. Other than that, I’ve been collecting the figures that you can also use in StreetPass and I’m only missing… 6 of them!! 😆 But except for that, I’m not playing the game anymore because I already spent way too much time playing this one if I could have focused on something else.

# Okamiden: I’ve seriously fallen in love with this game! I played its predecessor for a while but never finished it because it never really grabbed me. I don’t know what’s different with the DS version, maybe it’s Chibiterasu, maybe the not so difficult but fun puzzles or maybe the use of the stylus which is much more precise than a Wii remote. But all in all, I’ve been hooked and used every occasion, like bus or train ride to play it.  :green:

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[Review] Video Games: Kinect & Kinectimals

This article has been lying around here forever 😳 I really wonder why I always write something and never post it after. So I’m changing it a bit and I’m making this into a ‘a few months after’ post and reaction to that. Also including a small Kinectimals review 😀

Previously on Microsoft’s Kinect:
I got Kinect as an early Christmas present from a very good friend of mine last year (thanks again if you are reading these lines :P)! I’m still extremely thankful for this and so I had the occasion to finally enjoy Kinect in my living room. I had the chance to test it at Gamescom last year but playing it for a few minutes isn’t enough to say if this is really worth your money.

I won’t describe how to use Kinect or if you should buy it or not; I’m simply trying to give my personal opinion about it. Well, I was surprised how easy it was to get everything installed and working, only some problems occurred when it tried to capture me or a friend. But this problem also seems to depend on the game you are playing. Kinect Adventures, the game that was a part of the bundle, was in this case painful and annoying because it kept losing the player and had to synchronize for a while until you could keep on playing. Kinectimals on the other hand was easier to use. And I suppose that this is already an essential point. Just to illustrate this with an example, it’s just like if your controller keeps freezing and you have to reactivate it every time.
As for the fun, the first and most important point about Kinect, well in my case I have to admit that once I started playing, I just couldn’t stop. It was too much fun. The short games in Kinect Adventures seemed fun, Kinectimals was addictive and it was nice to even use it on the Dashboard. But after playing the first game for a few hours and completing Kinectimals, I wasn’t able to play more. It just didn’t get my attention anymore. I wasn’t looking for new games in store or I wasn’t playing anything with it. It just felt boring after a while. I’m sure that if one of these days, a new interesting game will be released, well maybe I would just plug it in again and play. But until that day, I’m not quite sure. Or maybe only if it is to please some friends who really want to try it too. And on that notice, I’m leaving you with my Kinectimals review.

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