[Blogging] Video Games: First Impressions (1)

I recently wrote about the huge amount of new games being released this month. I haven’t posted about all of them yet but I wanted to write my first impressions on some of these new games that I have been playing recently. Just to remind that these aren’t reviews of any kind, just my thoughts and things I noticed while playing for a few hours. Also, there are no spoilers or nothing related to the story here. I picked these four games even if I still played more this month. Depending on my progress, I might write about the other ones in another article.  😉

Kid Icarus: Uprising

This game was actually one of the titles I was looking forward to the most ever since I bought the 3DS. Now that I finally got it, I played for a while and so far it’s really fun. It’s actually really entertaining to listen to the characters talk while you play but I think it’s actually sad that you can’t focus 100% on these dialogues since you have to keep your eyes on the upper screen while the rest is happening on the touch screen. If you don’t actually mind that, it’s alright but I would still have preferred playing the game and getting a real cutscene after beating a level. Then there are tons of unlockables, so the replay value to get everything is high. I don’t know how many levels or chapters there are but most of them are quite short so at least it’s worth playing through them a few times. You will have to fight a boss after each level but most of these aren’t too hard. You can also increase the difficulty or play under certain conditions at the beginning of each level. Something that really pleases me, not that it’s really important but I like the design of the game and the way everything looks. Everything is adorable, Pit’s expressions are lovely and it gives the game more personality. I still need to test the other features of the game since there is still more to discover but I have to say that I’m not disappointed of my purchase so far.

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