[Review] Video Games: Kinect & Kinectimals

This article has been lying around here forever 😳 I really wonder why I always write something and never post it after. So I’m changing it a bit and I’m making this into a ‘a few months after’ post and reaction to that. Also including a small Kinectimals review 😀

Previously on Microsoft’s Kinect:
I got Kinect as an early Christmas present from a very good friend of mine last year (thanks again if you are reading these lines :P)! I’m still extremely thankful for this and so I had the occasion to finally enjoy Kinect in my living room. I had the chance to test it at Gamescom last year but playing it for a few minutes isn’t enough to say if this is really worth your money.

I won’t describe how to use Kinect or if you should buy it or not; I’m simply trying to give my personal opinion about it. Well, I was surprised how easy it was to get everything installed and working, only some problems occurred when it tried to capture me or a friend. But this problem also seems to depend on the game you are playing. Kinect Adventures, the game that was a part of the bundle, was in this case painful and annoying because it kept losing the player and had to synchronize for a while until you could keep on playing. Kinectimals on the other hand was easier to use. And I suppose that this is already an essential point. Just to illustrate this with an example, it’s just like if your controller keeps freezing and you have to reactivate it every time.
As for the fun, the first and most important point about Kinect, well in my case I have to admit that once I started playing, I just couldn’t stop. It was too much fun. The short games in Kinect Adventures seemed fun, Kinectimals was addictive and it was nice to even use it on the Dashboard. But after playing the first game for a few hours and completing Kinectimals, I wasn’t able to play more. It just didn’t get my attention anymore. I wasn’t looking for new games in store or I wasn’t playing anything with it. It just felt boring after a while. I’m sure that if one of these days, a new interesting game will be released, well maybe I would just plug it in again and play. But until that day, I’m not quite sure. Or maybe only if it is to please some friends who really want to try it too. And on that notice, I’m leaving you with my Kinectimals review.

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[Review] Video Games: Deadly Premonition

I discovered this game through a magazine and since it is a survival horror and an open world game too, I decided to give it a try. As if I didn’t have anything else to play. 🙂

Previously on Deadly Premonition:
The main character, Francis York Morgan, is a charming man, who smokes a lot and works for the FBI. As he speaks, he always mentions a certain Zach, and you are just wondering if this guy has a split personality or if you just missed a part of the story. But once you know why and who this actually is, it is indeed really funny. (Note: You can always google it, since I want to keep the article spoiler free even if I don’t consider this being a huge spoiler) As York, you investigate a crime happening in a little town where you have to complete missions but also side missions, find clues or fight evil creatures. I couldn’t help myself but notice that York reminds me a lot of Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain which at least makes me smile when this game starts to annoy me. 🙄

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[Review] Movies: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I went to the theatre to see the movie and was expecting a funny and entertaining popcorn flick. That’s also what we got! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a typical Disney movie, with lots of action, humor and nice effects. Story wise, well it’s not that special but it’s still trying to go into a new direction. And that’s most of all, what I liked about the movie.

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