[Shopping] Video Games: Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow

When the 3DS XL was announced a few months ago, I wasn’t really interested in buying one and I preferred to wait. Good thing I waited, since a few months later, they announced a limited edition, the Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow. I wasn’t sure if I should pre-order it immediately at my local games store or not but decided to wait since other things had to be purchased first. But then I saw it in a store a few days ago, I just couldn’t resist and decided to get myself an early Christmas present :green: So time for a little unboxing article.


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[News] Video Games: Pokémon Black and White: New Starters

Three new Pokémon have been announced for the new games Black and White. The grass starter on the left goes with the Japanese name Tsutaja, the fire starter in the middle is called Pokabu and the water starter’s name is Mijumaru. Also the male and female trainers are pictured here and they look quite nice.

I was a little shocked the first time I saw them and I still have mixed feelings now. Let’s hope to see their evolution soon so we can deecide which one of them is the coolest!! But whatever happens, Pokémon fans will always be excited for new games and I am the living proof for this since I have been a fan since the very beginning with the red and blue editions.

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