[Shopping] Weekly Recap: New Purchases (1)

I know I have been neglecting the blog more than I actually wanted again. I feel so bad about it, especially since I have lots of ideas for articles but sometimes motivation and time are both missing. So I decided to start with a weekly recap of new things I recently got. Last week was extremely busy with new arrivals and I want to present you these things here. Hope you will enjoy this new kind of article.  😀

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[Event] Gamescom 2011: I’ll be there.

I want to proudly announce that I’m going to Gamescom again this year  :green:

Since Cologne is not too far away from Luxembourg, we will leave early on Saturday morning to get there on time for the opening.

I already went there last year and this for nearly 3 days and believe me, it was an amazing experience. I would have preferred to go from Thursday to Saturday this year again, but since it didn’t work out for some friends I should have gone with, we took the decision to only go on Saturday.

I know it’s going to be crowded but I’ll still try to enjoy my time there, try to play a few games, take a few pictures and maybe get a few goodies. Personally, I’m looking forward to see the Playstation and Capcom booths the most. I really want to hold a PSVita in my hands so I can make myself a picture of the new portable console.  😎
And of course, I’ll try to buy a few new shirts or video games related things there so I guess I will head to the shops first before everything is sold out.

You can already expect a Gamescom related article when I come back so keep your eyes open :green: