Event: Gamescom 2013

A few weeks have passed since gamescom and I’m only writing this now. 🙁
Anyway, this year, I stayed in Cologne from Thursday to Saturday and visited gamescom the same days of course, but not the entire time. That would be way too exhausting, considering how many people there were this year and how long you had to wait for certain games. That’s unfortunately also the reason why we didn’t see or play as many things as the years before. I am really disappointed in that and for some reason, our plans to play certain games didn’t work out and we lost a lot of time. But of course, not everything was bad, far from that and we managed to have a lot of fun and play certain games at least. Even if I left gamescom 2013 a tiny bit disappointed, I am still glad I could go there this year and I’m already excited for next year.

Event Gamescom-01

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[News] Video Games: Rayman Legends delay

The news that Rayman Legends has been delayed and will no longer be a Wii U exclusive made people furious all over the internet yesterday. Fans of the franchise have been waiting so long for this game and were enraged towards Ubisoft’s attitude to delay this long awaited game and on top of that, to announce Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Normally, I’m not really furious about games being delayed and prefer getting a better version of it a few months later, than an unfinished product immediately. But in this case, it was just different. When the Wii U launched, I was really looking forward to playing Rayman Legends on this new console. I won’t say that I bought it only for that game, but it had some influence of course. The game was already delayed until February this year, but we got a very nice demo to tide us over. Now, however, this is just enraging.


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[Shopping] Video Games: Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow

When the 3DS XL was announced a few months ago, I wasn’t really interested in buying one and I preferred to wait. Good thing I waited, since a few months later, they announced a limited edition, the Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow. I wasn’t sure if I should pre-order it immediately at my local games store or not but decided to wait since other things had to be purchased first. But then I saw it in a store a few days ago, I just couldn’t resist and decided to get myself an early Christmas present :green: So time for a little unboxing article.


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[News] Video Games: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program

Nintendo 3DS owners, remember that starting today, you can download ten virtual console games for free. This only works for people who got the portable console before the 12th August this year. Good old NES games like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Ice Climber or Metroid and some more will be available in the eShop.

As far as I know, once you are in the shop, you have to go to ‘Settings/Other’ on the left and select the ‘Titles you’ve downloaded’ option. There you will be able to find the downloadable titles. I only downloaded Super Mario Bros and Zelda for now but it worked fine for me. 😀