[Shopping] Music: Rammstein Concert Tickets

Well first of all, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  :green: For my part, I rewatched The Walking Dead with a friend and played our traditional games like Left 4 Dead but also inFamous: Festival of Blood which I am enjoying a lot right now. But enough about that. Today I’m writing about something new, a band that I really appreciate and which I will finally see for the first time live in exactly a month!

It’s the German band Rammstein who are known around the world and not only in Germany for their metal music also known under the name of Neue Deutsche Härte. I was introduced to the band years ago, when I was still young and my dad used to listen to their music in the living room. He even saw them live but now it is my turn! Since then I’ve been listening to their songs regularly and they really help a lot especially if I’m not in the greatest mood. I know most of their songs by heart and I can really say that they are one of my favorite bands.

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