[Blogging] Monthly Obsessions: May

I can’t believe it! It’s the beginning of the month and I’m already posting this. Normally it ends up taking longer for me to write these, glad it didn’t this time around.:green:

May has been another really calm month regarding my ‘obsessions’. Haven’t really discovered anything new or finished too many things I started, which makes me a bit mad at myself. But summer is starting soon, which will hopefully put me more in the mood to do many things.

Games Minecraft

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[Blogging] New start?

I know I was having a hard time keeping the blog updated and I do feel bad about it. I actually like to share my thoughts on things I like and I’m always having fun writing these articles. But sometimes, time and motivation are both not on my side and I end up neglecting the blog.

So I decided to make a few pretty big changes here: new theme, different headers, widgets, updated about me page and other new things will follow in the next few weeks. Maybe this will give me new motivation to write more. I might also write more personal articles from time to time, but mostly, they will be related to video games, tv shows or movies, just what I used to write about the last few years. I don’t want to talk too much about future plans, but all I can say is that writing articles and just sharing things with other people is something I want to do, also for a living later on. And I will work hard for this and practicing here is the best way to gain more experience.

This sounds all way too personal and emotional for me, so time to stop here. :green:
All in all, I hope that everyone will like the new changes I made and as already said, more will be added soon. I am already working on a few new articles so stay tuned for these. 😉