[Update] Tv Shows: Prison Break

Recently, I discovered a new tv show, Prison Break. I know, it first premiered in 2005 and was cancelled after 4 seasons but it never really appealed to me to start watching that show even if some of my friends recommended it to me. So after long hesitations, I decided to buy the first season on DVD and start watching it.

It took me maybe 2 or 3 episodes but once I was really hooked, I couldn’t stop watching. It’s pretty rare for me to watch a tv show so fast, especially if I also play games in between or have other things to catch up with. But it was kind of different with Prison Break. I really enjoyed the story so far and sympathized more and more with most of the characters which seemed pretty much impossible for me at the beginning since well, most of them are criminals.  :rolleyes:
My favorite character is by far T-Bag and I am extremely excited to know more about the past of some of these people but also what is going to happen next.

In this post, I wanted to share my newest gets from the show. It’s really frequent that once I am obsessed with something new, I try to find a lot of things like books, games or maybe action figures or posters from that particular obsession. In the case of Prison Break, it’s a bit more difficult to get my hands on things since the show is a bit older.

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