Still blogging?

Oh hi there! It has been a few months since my last blog post, yikes. This made me think a lot about this blog and blogging in general, so I really wanted to share my thoughts about that topic here. So hope you sit comfortably, because this is going to be a pretty long and personal one! 😉

Almost ever since I discovered the Internet, I had a blog. Luxembourgish blogs, Livejournal, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress… you name it, I had it. I’ve always had fun blogging. It was always therapeutic to ramble about anything on livejournal or share my very first unboxings on my old Blogger. I also loved doing tags or reaction posts about certain shows (mainly LOST), but I also adored customizing my different websites. Through blogs or social media in general, I’ve met so many amazing people as well, which is another reason why I love blogging so much!

I started this blog back during my very first year of university, to pass time in-between classes (not during classes, come on, I was a serious student 😜 ) and to share news or thoughts about different fandoms. But the problem with this blog has always been the same: I’ve never been 100% sure what to do with it. I have MANY ideas, but I have the impression that those are all over the place. This mainly because I have so many different interests: I love playing video games, as much as I love watching TV shows and anime. But I also adore reading and collecting merchandise from my favorite fandoms. On top of that, I love travelling and sharing photos from my trips or different events with people. So of course, this is going to result in a lot of different content which makes it a bit hard to target a certain audience. In the end, this makes me wonder if I should just post about anything that interests me here, like I always did, or come up with a better plan for future posts. But one thing is certain: I really miss blogging.

I’ve always been a pretty creative person and always needed to express myself somehow. As a kid, I used to love drawing. Later on, I focused more on writing. Then of course I started blogging. I also loved editing photos on my computer. I was never great at those things but I always had fun doing them and they always helped me escape from reality for a while! Maybe that’s another reason why I kind of « stopped » blogging or doing any of these things, because as a perfectionist, I can’t accept the fact that things I do are not perfect straight away. I also came up with some personal problems in the last few months, making it hard to focus on blogging as well. One of those problems is that I got diagnosed with OCD and depression. It wasn’t a huge “surprise”, since I always knew that I was struggling with some kind of mental illness, but hearing it from a specialist was on one hand a relief but on the other, it also made me worry even more about my future. I wasn’t too sure if I should mention it here straight away, but I’m glad I got that out of my chest now.

Another reason why I haven’t been blogging as much is my photography. I don’t hate my photos, but I always think they could be so much better. I’m never satisfied with the lighting for example and I just don’t have the patience to spend hours editing them lately. I have two pretty good cameras but I definitely need more practice and therefore time. What I’m also lacking is a good setup. My desk is pretty big and not too bad to take haul photos on, but it’s always a struggle to remove everything. My motivation is long gone by the time I’m done setting everything up.

I turned 28 two months ago. Maybe that’s the reason why I want to change certain things in my life. I feel like I could do so much more during my days than just wasting time online, playing games or watching shows in the evening. Not that those things are bad, I just want to spend at least a little more time doing something creative, which I do for myself but can also share with others. I still love doing figure unboxings for example and often end up sharing some photos on Twitter or instagram. But then I’m thinking « why not post them on your blog? » and that’s of course the moment when I miss using my blog the most.

Not everything has been bad though! I started my new job a month ago and went to Walker Stalker Con and Heroes and Villains London for the very first time with my boyfriend, which were two of the best weekends of my life. I got to meet so many actors from The Walking Dead, Gotham, Arrow and Constantine and I still can’t believe it actually happened. 😍 I also went to a Luxembourgish convention called « Luxcon » which was pretty fun as well, especially because I got to see so many of my friends again.

After rereading all of this, I realized that it almost sounds like I’m going to stop using this blog. Which is definitely not the case! I really want to get back into blogging but I just hope that I will come up with a way to keep my posts more frequent and interesting. I have many ideas for posts, but I just hope that I’ll have enough time to work on those properly, especially now that I started my new job. I don’t want to set a goal and promise that I will post once a week. I doubt it will happen, or at least not straight away. As long as it’s more often than once every 4-5 months, that would be a good start!
Hope this wasn’t too long and explains a bit, why I haven’t been posting so often lately. Thanks for reading and have a great week! 💖


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