Simple Plan Concert

I think this is the first time I am writing about a concert here, but I really felt like sharing some thoughts and pictures of the fantastic Simple Plan concert I went to on Monday night (31/08).


IMG_7172Probably the best close-up photo I took with my phone, the other ones ended up being really blurry. Damn being so small and far away, haha.


IMG_7158Surprise, beach balls during their live performance of “Summer Paradise”!

Ever since their first album “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”, I have been a fan of this wonderful Canadian band. Their songs immediately spoke to me, especially the ones from their second album entitled “Still Not Getting Any…”. Even if my music taste changed a bit over the years, I was always delighted to see that a new Simple Plan album came out!

Simple Plan AlbumsCouldn’t find my “Get Your Heart On!” album when I took the photo ;-;

I already saw them live once a few years ago and remember having the best time already! But their latest concert filled me even more with joy and emotions, especially since they have been performing most of my favorite songs: Jump, I’m just a kid, Welcome to my life, You suck at love, I’d do anything and many more. They even performed their newest single “Boom” for us live, which released just a few days before the concert!

But I think my favorite part of the concert was them joking around, talking to their fans and showing us how much the support means to them! It’s just so so nice to see a band interact this way with their fans, another reason why I love them so much!

IMG_7193_FotorMy best friend even got me this wonderful shirt which made me even happier <3

Next concert is The Prodigy and maybe Nightwish, which I am extremely excited about as well! It’s funny how I didn’t want to go to too many concerts this year, but so many bands I like are coming to our small country so it’s hard to say no and don’t go.


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