[Shopping] Weekly Recap: New Purchases (2)

I actually wanted to post this on Monday/Tuesday but was kind of busy during the week so I’m still posting it now even if the week is nearly over. Here we go with the two things I got the week before. 😎

First, The Last Story, a Wii game pretty much everyone has been talking about lately. This of course for a good reason. Not sure why, but I wasn’t really interested in getting a new game for the Wii since I have been using my Xbox more lately and totally forgetting about this one. But once I saw that the price of the game dropped in a certain store, I had to buy it. Unfortunately, I haven’t started it yet, but once I can take a little break from Xbox games, I will for sure play this one.

The last purchase of last week was this Sheldon Bobble head. I started watching The Big Bang Theory a while ago and like many other people, I just love Sheldon. So I was surprised to be asked in my local comic book store if I wanted one. I immediately said yes. :green: There are two versions of the Sheldon Bobble head: one with the Flash t-shirt and another with the Green Lantern one. Would have preferred the second one but still. It’s nice to have him!

Here a little collage of the many sides of bobble head Sheldon. :green:

Ok, now that I’m done with this purchase article, I can already start the next one.


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