[Shopping] Weekly Recap: New Purchases (1)

I know I have been neglecting the blog more than I actually wanted again. I feel so bad about it, especially since I have lots of ideas for articles but sometimes motivation and time are both missing. So I decided to start with a weekly recap of new things I recently got. Last week was extremely busy with new arrivals and I want to present you these things here. Hope you will enjoy this new kind of article.  😀

I’m starting with the biggest and most obvious arrival, the PS Vita. I bought the pre-order pack a few months ago so I had to purchase it the day it came out. It was a very expensive purchase but still really worth my money. I’m enjoying the Vita so far even if in my opinion, more new games would have been better. I downloaded a few demos, got the game Frobisher Says! for free and bought Escape Plan but that’s about it. And of course the two games mentioned below. I will for sure make another article where I’m going to talk more about the Vita in the near future.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a must have for me so it was the first game I purchased for the Vita. I only found Touch my Katamari later last week and I have no idea why, but it was really hard for me to get my hands on it. It was sold out everywhere or stores did not even get it. Thankfully I still found it during my trip to France last Saturday. I preferred owning the boxed version because buying it on the store would also mean wasting so much space on the memory card again which I’m trying to avoid because believe me, these things are expensive. And I’m also waiting for Gravity Rush which will only be available on the store.

I’m still continuing with new games, this time with Asura’s Wrath and The Darnkess II. I’m playing Asura’s Wrath at the moment and I’m nearly done with it. Honestly, I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s not a game you play everyday and since it’s so story focused, I’m not sure if everyone will enjoy it. But while playing, I took a few notes and if this time I can pull myself together, I will for sure write a review about the game. :green:  As for The Darkness II, I already finished the game a while ago but still wanted to share it here. I totally loved it. Jackie’s story was touching even if brutal and action packed and the fact that I play and really enjoy a shooter so much is also something new. I even started the game on new game+ which I still have to finish since Asura took its place now. But all in all, two games I am totally amazed and satisfied with and don’t regret buying.

Still staying in The Darkness universe, my best guy friend actually introduced me to the comics and I borrowed some of his comic books and since I’m the kind of person who still needs more, I decided to get this first volume in French but also Eva VS The Darkness since this one was also lying around in the store. 😎  As said before, I’m totally new to The Darkness comics so I’m just starting here. But if they are as good as the games are, which should of course be the case, I’m pretty much sure that I discovered a new amazing series.

Finally, since I didn’t manage to see the movie in theaters, my mom surprised me with the Tintin Blu-Ray and DVD combination the other day. I was so happy, not just because I can finally see the movie, but it was also a nice steelbook and contains tons of bonus features for my viewing pleasure.

Really enjoyed doing this sort of article. Not sure if I can do it every week since I don’t always purchase so many new things but I will still try to write these as often as possible. Now to finishing Asura’s Wrath and write down my thoughts on the game. Expect more articles the next few days. And thanks for still staying here with me all that time to my fellow readers. 😀


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