[Shopping] Video Games: The Last of Us

The reason why I am only publishing this article now is because I was on holiday for a week and unfortunately didn’t have much time to play the game when it was released. So the moment I came back, I played it for hours and days of course. Already beaten it once and I’m on my second playthrough now. :green:

Anyway, here is my unboxing of The Last of Us: Joel Edition and the limited edition strategy guide.


I pre-ordered the Joel edition as soon as it was announced. Really liked the idea of having two different editions for both characters. Even if I really like Ellie, I wanted the Joel one the most.


Here is what’s inside the Joel edition, except for the codes for the digital content:

  • Mini Artbook
  • Naughty Dog sticker
  • The game of course
  • Joel Poster
  • Mini Comic
  • Joel Controller Skin

The digital content is also very interesting, since you get a dynamic theme, the soundtrack, a Joel sackboy costume and more multiplayer items, to name a few.


Really nice game box art.


The Mini Artbook which is really popular in special editions lately. Ordered the big one as well, just hope it will arrive soon. Might add some photos later on.


One of my favorite artworks ever. No idea on how many devices I actually use this as a wallpaper. 😛


Here is the limited edition strategy guide. I usually try to get the limited ones for games I really like, since I love hardcovers and you often get a nice little goodie as well. In this case, a small and lovely Firefly keychain was included.


Even if I am already done with the game, this guide will definitely help me get all of the collectibles which aren’t too easy to find sometimes. They added little maps showing you the location of the collectibles and other objects and this is really, really useful! Didn’t take more pictures of the guide to avoid spoilers for people who haven’t played it yet. 🙂

I was a tiny bit disappointed in the lack of an art gallery at the end of the book though. Many guides often have a few nice pages of art which I really admire. But the artbook will surely make up for this.


As for the Joel poster… well, it immediately found a new place in my room. :green:



  1. Too bad 🙁 It’s really worth getting a PS3 for this game though!! And for many others 😀

  2. Have the strategy guide too. Love the keychain (: Would love one of those special editions or the Post-Pandemic one with the statue. The game is just a masterpiece and for sure a system seller like you said. First time stopping by your blog, like it as much as your Instagram feed (: Keep it up!

  3. Thanks a lot for your comment!! I would love to get the edition with the statue as well 😀 Guess it’s a bit too expensive now though… 🙁 All in all I would love to find more The Last of Us related goodies 😀 I can’t recommend this game enough. Just really want everyone to play it!!

    Again, thanks a lot!! I’m really glad you like both and comments like these mean a lot. 😀 Have been neglecting Instagram a bit the last few weeks, but I’ll try to update it again soon!!

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