[Shopping] Video Games: Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition

After being sick for almost four days a week ago, I was so happy to get a phone call from my local games store to tell me that Ni No Kuni was waiting for me there. I’ve been following this game ever since it’s been announced for the PS3 and finally holding it in my hands and being able to play it was great.


This is my very first unboxing article of the year and I’m happy to share this one with everyone since it’s a very magical one.


The carton box isn’t too big, looks really nice and won’t take too much space in my already cluttered shelves.  😛


This is what awaits European gamers when they open their edition. I say European because the US got a way nicer one with a coin, a CD and 5 artwork cards in addition. O.O Really wonder why we couldn’t get all that nice stuff as well…

What’s still really nice is the fact that the game can be played in English or Japanese with English, French, German, etc subtitles. I like playing my games in English, and being able to choose between this one and Japanese was even better!


Probably the best part of this edition, the Wizard’s Companion. The fully colored book looks amazing, is very detailed and huge. Over 300 pages are waiting to be read and contain many details about spells, creatures, items and many other things related to the game. It is basically the same one found and which can be read in the game but a physical copy is always better, isn’t it?


Drippy, the talkative fairy that will accompany Oliver through his adventure is also included in the box as a plush doll. A part of me hopes that he will come alive and lead me into another world one day. :green:

I didn’t take pictures of the code for the DLC familiars you can use in the game though.

Knowing that the US Wizard’s Edition had much more to offer, I was a bit disappointed at first, but still really happy with the companion and the Drippy plush. Of course, in the end, all that really matters is that the game is great!

Haven’t played much of it yet, wanted to finish some other games first, but the first hours have really impressed me so far and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The story, the characters, the graphics, the music, the combat system and so much more fits perfectly and it has been worth all the wait. It’s so nice to have a very good JRPG to play again for a change, after Persona 4 Golden.


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