[Shopping] Video Games: Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition

It has been a while since I last did an unboxing article but with this brand new and popular game that recently came out, I had no other choice. So as you can see, the Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition made it’s way to my place a few days and I will present you the content of it in this article.  😀

The box is already impressive enough. It’s big, colorful and has the faces of different characters on it. This will for sure look good on my bookshelf. 😛

Of course, the first thing that you take out of the box is the big Batman statue. Batman’s face normally looks better than represented here. :green: I guess I really need a new camera to make better pictures.  But most importantly is that the statue is quite big for a collector’s edition like this one and really well done. How often have we been fooled with bad quality or tiny action figures when buying editions like these?  Ugh. :damn:

Under the statue is a little placement where they put the Batman Gotham Knight DVD. Nice little touch. Haven’t watched the DVD yet but I guess it’s always a nice content to get even more into the Batman mood.

Artbooks are always something I really appreciate being in a collector’s edition. Here again, we have representations of most of the characters, even Robin but also concept art which are always nice to have a look at.
The only thing I did not really like about it is that they actually used the artbook as the game box too. You can find the game at the very end of the book and it doesn’t have it’s own box which is rather sad.

Finally, the last thing I discovered were the many codes for the add-ons of the game. The amazing Catwoman add-on, a Iceberg lounge challenge map and the Dark Knight Returns skin. The last one honestly doesn’t look good so I’m not sure if I will use it. :rolleyes:
Haven’t tried the Gotham City Impostors beta yet but it looks like a fun game to play after beating Arkham City. Will definitely have a look at it!
The Batman Arkham City The Album is only available as a download. This doesn’t make much sense if you see that they already added a DVD so why not another CD? But at least it works and the album isn’t bad at all. 😎

Finally, the whole thing united. All in all, this is how a collector’s edition has to be in my eyes. A well balanced mixture of downloadable content, artbook, statue and DVD and all of this presented in a really beautiful box. Since the game seems to be amazing as well, it’s definitely not a waste of money. :green:

I’m still waiting for the guide to arrive since most of the time I have to add these to my collection as well. But until then, I will try to play and beat the game as fast as possible to make place for the avalanche of games coming this November… O.O


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  1. Really nice article 😉
    i hope you enjoy the game very much ( which i know for sure that you do 😉

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