[Shopping] Various Video Games and Action Figure

After a long trip to Gamescom in Cologne a few days ago (report will follow) I had the occasion to look around the big city and found a few games at a fair price.

Resistance 2 (PS3) , Valkyria Chronicles (PS3), Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings (DS), Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (Xbox360) and NIER (PS3)

Resistance 2: Since Resistance 3 was announced and the trailer looked really promising, I ended up buying Resistance 2 so I can catch up at least on that one.
Valkyria Chronicles: I was really glad to find a new copy of it because it seems to be quite rare and I have been looking for this one for a while.
Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings: A friend of mine who owns the game was quite addicted and since I don’t have enough RPGs for the DS (that was irony btw), this one had to be added to my collection too.
Call of Juarez and NIER: Again, a friend recommended both games and I actually found them in a store here in my country. I always wanted to play Nier but I was never sure if it was really good so this is actually a used copy but at least it was cheaper.

Finally, I managed to go to town a few days later to get a Fang (Final Fantasy XIII) action figure I already wanted for a while.

I haven’t unwrapped her yet but she looks really pretty!

All in all, got a lot of games for the price of two new ones! For once it pays off to wait for a game to get cheaper, don’t you think?


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