[Shopping]: Various New Manga

After being gone for a week, I went to the closest store in the country to increase my manga collection a bit again. :green: It’s not as if I don’t have anything to read at the moment, but I just felt the urge to buy some new volumes to add to my collection.

Yes, that seems like a lot.  O.O

All of these mangas are in French, since they are the easiest to find here in Luxembourg and most of my collection is in French. I also own a few German mangas but it’s harder to find these. As you can see, some of these series are totally new and recently came out like Psyren for example, as for others, well I was either buying the newest ones (Soul Eater, Nabari, Gin Tama) or I felt like catching up on some older mangas like Dragon Ball.

The reason why I took Gin Tama 20 and 21 is that it was actually a bundle and it was more cheap to buy it that way as if I had gotten them separate. I hesitated a few times for Psyren, but after looking through the first volume again, I kind of liked it enough to take number 1 and 2. I often do this with new series where I pick up the first two volumes and if I like them, I continue buying them. As for Dragon Ball, that was actually really random and even if I own only a few volumes of this wonderful series, I surprisingly did not have volumes 1 and 2. And it’s always a pleasure to read something you discovered in your childhood again.  😛

Since I already own the rest of the volumes, it was obvious that I had to take Soul Eater 16, Drôles de racailles 9 also know as Yankee-kun to Megane-chan which is a really fun series and Nabari 14, the very last volume.  🙁 It always makes me sad to see something you enjoyed coming to an end. I discovered Sprite recently and I have to say, it’s really strange but it’s still kind of interesting. Even if I don’t really like the way it’s drawn, I’m still interested in the story. I just hope it gets even more interesting by now. As for Genshiken, I got the volume 1 at this comic book festival I told you in my last post. They were also selling some old mangas there and I got this one for 3€. So a nice price to maybe discover a new interesting series.

I guess I have enough mangas to keep me busy for a short while now.  :rolleyes:


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