Shopping: November Haul

I know, it’s a bit late for a November haul post now, but I had a few university assignments to take care of the last few weeks, so couldn’t publish it earlier. Still really wanted to write this post. All in all, November was just insane in regards of new games releases but also some other things I’m going to share here.


Starting with the craziest part: games. I think I’ve lost count of all the games that came out this month. From Assassin’s Creed to Pokémon, I purchased a lot of new games but only had time to finish Unity and Far Cry 4 and play Smash, Pokémon and Assassin’s Creed Rogue for 2-3 hours maybe. As mentioned in my Xbox One unboxing article, I will only focus on Xbox games once things start to calm down. And in case you were wondering, I did trade in a lot of old games I am not playing anymore, in order to buy some of these 🙂

Amazon Order

Some books I ordered from amazon to complete my collection also arrived this month. Now I own all the available Watamote mangas, and my collection of Disney art books is slowly growing!

Comic Books

Two new graphic novels made their way into my collection, the final Y: The Last Man volume, which I cannot wait to read and the second Scott Pilgrim color hardcover volume.

Kirigiri Figure-01

Moving on to figures, the biggest arrival was the Kirigiri 1/8 scale figure from Phat Company. She looks stunning and is definitely the nicest figure I own right now! Her pose is amazing, the details are lovely and it’s definitely a very special figure. After hesitating for so long, I don’t regret my purchase at all!

Photo 06-11-2014 20 24 03

Almost forgot about the two Link and Armin Nendoroids, which arrived really early last month.

Funko Pop

I pre-ordered the Kristoff Funko Pop Figure a while ago since he is my favorite character from Frozen, and my local comic book store got the Miku and Len ones as well, which I found adorable and had to add to my collection!

iPhone 6

Finally, I got my Christmas present earlier this year, which is the iPhone 6! Had the iPhone 5 for a few years and was really happy with it, but it was definitely time for an upgrade and I simply love this new phone!


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