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I know, it has been a very long while since I posted something here. Time and motivation are back now and I have so many ideas for articles that I wasn’t sure where to start. But decided to start with something I did today, a small photo shoot to be precise.

Went to Cologne with the family yesterday, and among some other nice things, I found this amazing 10-inch/25 cm Daryl Dixon figure from The Walking Dead. So I decided to take some nice photos with the camera I got for my birthday a short while ago, and here is the result.


Figure: McFarlane Toys – The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon – 10-inch Deluxe Action Figure (amazon link)
Camera used: Nikon D3200

Little side note, I almost didn’t edit any of them, wanted to keep them as ‘natural’ as possible, and this is also my very first attempt to take photos of a figure like this outside! Also, he is not wearing his poncho for reasons I’ll explain later.








Attack on Daryl!

The figure is simply amazing. His face looks great, the pose fits the character perfectly and the painting is good, plus, he looks a bit dirty, exactly how it should in a zombie apocalypse. Daryl doesn’t have a base though, so I just hope he won’t fall off my shelf… He is also wearing his season 3 & 4 outfit, which I personally love! Daryl comes with his crossbow, a hunting knife and poncho, but I have to say, I’m having a lot of trouble inserting the crossbow in his hands. Not sure if it’s visible in the photos, but it wasn’t placed perfectly in his hands and I need to figure something out to make it work. As for the poncho, his head has to be removed to put it on which I tried but it seemed really hard as well, so I decided to just leave him like that, too scared to break the figure.

The only minor thing I can say about it, except for the crossbow and head problems, is that the part where you can take the head off is a bit visible, probably only if you decide to not put the poncho on Daryl. It’s not too bad, and actually only depends on the angle you display him!

I already own the very first Daryl Figure from McFarlane, which let’s be honest, doesn’t look that great. In the store I bought the new one, they were also selling Daryl with his bike for the same price (50€) as the 10-inch one, but my decision to get the bigger figure was quickly made and I’m really happy I got him! I think it’s definitely a must-have for every Daryl fan out there.

Cologne Haul

As a little bonus, here is my entire ‘Cologne haul’: a lot of books, the figure of course, Watch Dogs and The Walking Dead posters, blu-rays, games, a little Delsin Sackboy keyring and the Watch Dogs guide! (*^ワ^*)


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