[Shopping] Christmas Presents

Christmas has gone by fast this year and I decided to make a little article about the precious things Santa brought me.

I’m starting with the games. Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is the one I wanted for so long especially because of some of the new characters like Hawkeye, Frank West, Phoenix Wright, Vergil but also Nemesis. A friend asked if I could get the PS3 version so we would be able to play together even if I would have preferred having it on the 360 as the previous one. Then there is Sonic Generations which I started playing and really enjoyed. The game looks gorgeous and I like the idea of playing with the old and new blue hedgehogs. Finally, Rayman Origins which intrigued me a lot. It looks very special and after playing the demo I was still convinced even if some parts kind of frustrated me. I decided to give the game a try and the result is that I can’t stop playing it. I’m having way too much fun.

DVDs are something that I really like getting as well. Here I got Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the Stargate Universe box set. The Transformers blu-ray is packed in a really nice steelbook and fits perfectly with the rest of the collection. I just have a little rant to make about the discs themselves. I bought quite a few DVDs lately and all of them are simple grey DVDs with no sticker or something on them. It just looks plain and boring. If I already buy these, the least I want is that the whole packaging looks nice and not only the outside but also inside of the box. It’s a small thing, but I still think it’s annoying.
As for Stargate Universe, I never watched the show and even if I always hear bad things about it, I’m still ready to give it a try since I do like Stargate.

One of the presents I like the most is my new Sony camera. I have to admit that I never really had a new camera on my own since most the time I got the one that belonged to my dad because he bought a new one for himself  😛 And since the batteries of the old ones were never lasting very long, it was about time that I got a shiny new one.

I was even more surprised to see that it was red, one of my favorite colors. It really looks beautiful and takes amazing pictures with its 14.1 megapixels. I won’t go into details because I have to admit that I’m really not a huge camera adept. But just so you know, I’ve taken most of these pictures with the new one except of course the picture above.

Finally, the best one I got from my grandpa is this iPad 2. I was already interested in buying one a few months ago and wanted to make sure I would really use it regularly. And look at that, I actually do. It’s a black 16GB one with wi-fi. Even if I would have preferred having 32GB, I think it’s still terribly expensive and I’m really glad with this one. By the wallpaper I used you can already guess how I called it: yes, exactly, GLaDOS.  I hope it won’t be too mean. :green:

I’m actually using it for apps, especially games and apps like twitter or facebook but also to read comics thanks to the Marvel, DC Comics and Comics + apps. The games I recently got are Metal Gear Solid Touch, Infinity Blade I and not really a game but still related to one, Uncharted Drake’s Journal. I still have plenty of the amazing kairosoft games to play that I bought for my iPhone and some other ones so I won’t get bored.
It’s extremely comfortable to sit around the house and check things on the internet especially if you want to quickly look up something and don’t want to turn on your PC or laptop only for one thing. Also got this red/grey cover which is really helpful because I can bend it and do my research on the iPad without having to hold it myself. Perfect for lazy people like me.  😎

Also wanted to thank my friends for the amazing presents I got from them which I won’t present here because they are a bit more personal.  😉
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time and that you will start 2012 in the best possible way. That was probably my last article for the year so see you next year!


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