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Not sure if I’m the only one, but sometimes I end up downloading a certain amount of demos on Xbox 360 or PS3 and never really play them, only if I’m really interested in the game. The other day I decided to take some time and play some of these demos and I’ll give you my opinion here. All of these demos are available on Xbox 360 only or at least for now.

Fable: The Journey

People have been talking a lot about this game and how it’s not really Fable anymore. True, but I played the pretty long demo and all I got was lots of fun (and pain in my arms but I guess I’m not used to Kinect anymore). Jokes aside, the controls seemed to be precise and worked really well for a Kinect game. Even with the lack of good games for Kinect, I keep being surprised by how much fun and unique it can be. In Fable: The Journey, you shoot fireballs for example with your right arm/hand and defend yourself with your left one. There were a few other moves in the demo already, so I guess that there will be even more in the game itself. I just hope that Kinect will easily be able to make the difference between these moves, not like in other games, where you have to try at least 10 times to finally get the move you wanted.
The graphics looked nice and the first person perspective interesting. My only fear is that it will get too repetitive with time but it’s still always hard to make the gameplay in a game like that really interesting for 8 hours.
But my final thoughts on Fable: The Journey: I am ready to play the full version. With the lack of interesting Kinect games, I hope that this will be good enough for me to use Kinect at least a bit more often. Just like I did with Sorcery and the PS Move.

Fable Heroes

Let’s be honest, I heard lots of negative comments about this game and I wasn’t really ready to give it a try. But I still did after playing Fable: The Journey. My first thoughts weren’t that great, I was pessimistic and the gameplay seemed a bit boring and weird to me. But then I saw that you could also upgrade your team and play different mini games and also the online part was still interesting enough. So I decided to purchase it since it was only 400 MS points the time I played it. Even if it is far from another Fable game everyone is waiting for, I still think it can be fun to play with a friend for a while.

Mark of the Ninja

I only played the demo of Shank a while ago and even if it wasn’t my type of game, I was already impressed by the art style. Mark of the Ninja, the newest game by Klei Entertainment, impressed me even more. I already like everything ninja related so it was no surprise that I would be interested in this title. Again, the art style is jaw-dropping, the game is pretty dark, which is normal when you play the role of a ninja and you already feel a lot more stealthy in that case. Stealth is indeed one of the key words if you want to succeed in this game. I suppose that a more ‘action hero method’ might work but will also be more frustrating. You really have to think forward what you plan on doing or else you will be killed quite fast. But there are still a few ways on doing that which makes the game even more interesting. There are also unlockables, people to rescue and certain objectives to complete so it’s not just a ‘run from point A to point B’ kind of game.
I think I made it clear enough that the next time I’ll get Microsoft Points, I will definitely buy this game.  :green:

Dust: An Elysian Tail

This is a game I wanted to play for so long. No idea why it took me ages to finally play the demo because… I am impressed. The characters, the graphics, the gameplay, everything is beautiful. I’m not used to play these kind of games as well, but I think I might easily get used to it because from what I’ve played, I had lots of fun so far. The combat system is fun and easy to get used to and I really hope that there will be lots of nice and useful upgrades later on and that the story will keep being interesting.
I don’t have too much to say about it right now, I think I’m still in the procedure of realizing what kind of great game I just played. But just like Mark of the Ninja, this one will be mine soon as well.

That is pretty much it for now and I hope that some people will also consider playing these games. In my case, I’m glad I finally took some time to play these demos  😀 There are still more demos I wanted to play so if I’ll have some time, I’ll probably make another article about these games too.


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