Ranking the Mission: Impossible Movies

As some of you might know if you follow me on Twitter, I am obsessed with the Mission Impossible movies. I’ve seen the newest one, Rogue Nation, six times (and I’m taking a moment to apologize to my friends whom I dragged into this craziness, haha). Never got bored watching it over again and I just cannot wait anymore to get my hands on the blu-ray in a few months. I have also rewatched the other four movies as well, so perfect opportunity to rank them! Also, spoiler warning.

#5. Mission: Impossible II

Mission Impossible II is one of those movies I remember watching on TV in my childhood and finding it “extremely cool” because of the many explosions and the action (but hey, Tom Cruise kicking a gun out of the sand in slow-motion is still pretty darn cool). It’s cheesy, the fight at the end just drags on way too long, the overuse of masks gets old very fast and even if the plot sounded good on paper, it ended up being pretty underwhelming on the big screen. But even with those problems, I can’t deny that I still had a good time watching the movie and simply enjoyed it for what it is.

#4. Mission: Impossible III

The third movie in the franchise came out six years later and with J.J. Abrams on board, I knew I had to watch it immediately. Just like the previous film, the focus is once again more on the action, less on the spy elements. Even if I don’t mind the idea of Ethan having a wife, it comes out of nowhere and just falls flat. On top of that, it hasn’t been developed in the next two movies at all; she is mentioned and quickly appears at the end of GP, showing us that she is alive and well, for maybe a possible sixth or seventh movie, but that is it. The movie did assemble a great cast (Philip Seymour Hoffman was simply amazing as the main antagonist) and the action is great, but simply overused in my eyes.

#3. Mission: Impossible

I hardly remembered the first movie when I was rewatching it and to be totally honest, I was a bit bored at first. When Ethan’s team started to get killed off, things suddenly started to get really interesting and I found myself wondering who was behind this madness. The classic scene where Ethan is hanging from the ceiling and has to remain undetected and in total silence remains amazing, while the helicopter chase looks a bit dated. With a brilliant twist at the end, this movie definitely ranks third on my list.

#2. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

With a new team and a new mission, Ghost Protocol brings the franchise back to its roots: more spying, less explosions. Similar to the first movie, everything falls apart pretty fast and the newly assembled team have to save the day. However, they are far from knowing everything about each other (I’m talking about the Ethan/Brandt situation here). The stunts are phenomenal and in general, the entire Burj Khalifa sequence is intense and simply mind-blowing. My only complaint would be the villain, who was simply a bit boring, since we hardly see him.

#1. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Believe me, it was really hard to choose between Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation. They are both great movies in my eyes but Rogue Nation simply has that little something I slightly prefer.

What I already like about the latest installment, is the fact that they keep a good part of the team and it for the first time feels a bit like a continuation (but even if you haven’t seen GP, you would be able to follow it perfectly). I also simply love the little nods to the previous film. What mostly matters in Rogue Nation, is the friendship between the agents, as I am a sucker for these things. This helps developing characters like Benji a lot, and Ethan and Benji’s friendship is probably my favorite part of the entire film. Even if I’m not too happy about the fact that Brandt doesn’t play a huge part, I like the fact that he is back being an analyst. On top of that the Brandt/Luther duo was unexpected but hilarious and I would love to see some more scenes with them in future movies. Another character I like is Ilsa Faust: not only is she pretty badass, but the audience is never too sure if she can be trusted or not, which makes the movie fun to watch.

The different setpieces are basically what makes Rogue Nation my favorite movie of the franchise. The Opera sequence in Vienna is so well put together, the car and motorcycle chases in Morocco always have me on the edge of my seat (or at the bottom from laughing) and the final sequence in a familiar London is just as intense to watch. And no, I don’t plan to go back there to visit the filming locations, no, not at all.



What about my favorite character?

Well that’s a really tough one but I will have to go with Benji Dunn portrayed by Simon Pegg (I’m sure this is going to surprise some people). I love Ethan, Luther, Jane and Ilsa a lot and William Brandt would rank close second (I love me some sassy Jeremy/Brandt). But Benji has in my eyes the best character development. From MI3 when we only saw a glimpse of him, to Ghost Protocol where he consisted an important part of the team, to Rogue Nation where he definitely proved his loyalty and friendship towards Ethan. He might not be as tough as Ethan or Brandt, but can still defend himself on the field. His best characteristic is of course his sense of humor and his snarky remarks always fit perfectly in. “What is red?” “Dead.” or “I’m ok, I’m ok.” always have me in stitches. I think he simply reacts the same way as any other person would in the crazy action and that just makes him a very relatable character.

Finally, proof of my craziness ೕ(•̀ㅂ•́ )


If you made it this far, thanks a lot for reading! I know the Rogue Nation part got a bit long, but I could talk day and night about this movie! But that is basically it for my ranking of the Mission Impossible movies. Agree or disagree, let me know in the comments!


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