Previously in 2013: Best Moments

First of all: Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone is going to have a great year and that it already started nicely. I’m a bit late (as usual), I know, but had to study for my exams the last few weeks and it was really stressful. Now that all of that is over, I can focus on other things. :green:

I wanted to share something a bit more personal this time, my ‘best moments’ of last year, or things that I liked doing or changed in my life! I wasn’t really sure how I should structure this article, so I ended up making two collages with photos I took over the year, this one and another one about my favorite fandoms of 2013 which I will share in another post (it’s already written, so I will actually publish it after this one :P) Anyway, time to explain this little collage.

Best Moments 2013-01v03

1) Spending time with friends and family: This is a picture I took at my grandpa’s place since I absolutely love the view there. I spent a lot of time at his place last year and since he is more or less the only family member I can see a bit more regularly, I love spending my time there. Unfortunately, didn’t have much time to go there once university started in September.

2) Collecting Figures: This is a weird one to add here really, but it’s something I really enjoyed doing since I came back from gamescom last year. It started with the Chie (Persona 4) figure I bought there and since then, I’ve been trying to collect even more. I actually always liked buying figures, but it wasn’t the same, since I just used to buy a character I liked for example. Now I’m trying to focus even more on Play Arts Kai, figmas and Funko Pop! figures but I also want to collect as many Assassin’s Creed figures as possible!

3) Holidays in Tenerife: Went there for a week with my mom and stepfather and these were some of the best holidays I ever had. Discovering Tenerife was amazing and it’s definitely a beautiful island!

4) Back in Paris: Or at least for a day. Was nice going back there with a certain person and visit the city or mostly do some shopping. :green:

5) Gamescom: As every year, gamescom is usually one of my highlights of the year, not only because I can play the newest games, but also because I love spending time there with friends. This year was even more crowded than before and we couldn’t play everything we wanted, but still had fun the few days there.

6) Wedding: My mom and her boyfriend (or now my stepfather) finally got married after being together for almost 10 years. I took this photo of a card I wrote for him, to thank him for everything he has done for us over the years.

7) Getting an iMac: Sad that this had to be a highlight of my year, but it really was. 😛 I wanted one for so many years and since I love working on my macbook pro, I knew I would enjoy upgrading to the iMac. I still use my PC, but more for gaming now.

8) New glasses: One of the rare photos you’ll find of me here. :green: Thought this would be the best way to show my new glasses (also supporting the year of the selfie). I already needed my old ones for university or to play games (to be able to read the subtitles) and realized that I really needed new ones and on a daily basis.

9) Christmas: Even if I wasn’t really in the Christmas mood because I was too busy with university related things, I have to say that I really enjoyed the days with my family and friends!

10) Studies (not pictured): This year ended up being a fresh new start considering my studies. I won’t go into any details, but I just hope that everything will go for the best and I will be able to pass all of my exams.

As you can see, my year wasn’t that exciting, except for the few trips, and the last few months being really hard and emotional, but all in all, it was a really enjoyable year!

Finally, I wanted to mention some of my resolutions. This year, I’m kind of sick of having so many personal resolutions and of course, not keeping any of them. So now I just wanted to make a short list of random things (mostly video game related) that I would like to accomplish during the year:

– Finally get a PS4. This could be tomorrow or in 2 months, I really don’t know. I’m not too much in a hurry to get one, still want to get it before inFamous: Second Son.
– Catch up on some franchises. This could be games, movies, shows or even books I always wanted to play, watch and read but never had the occasion or time to.
– Beat all of my Wii U exclusive games. Sounds silly, but I have over 10 Wii U games and most of them are console exclusive games which I haven’t even finished yet, like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, ZombiU or Pikmin 3. I was actually working on finishing New Super Mario Bros. U a few weeks ago, so I can already cross that one off my list.
– Finish games I started in 2013 (or even before). Right now, I’m spending most of my time on GTA V. Not sure why I never finished it before because I’m having a lot of fun with it lately. Other games I have to finish: Remember Me, Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Xillia, etc.
– Visit London for the first time. Never was there so I really want to change that.

Probably forgetting some, but these are most of my biggest resolutions of the year.


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