October Figure Haul

My biggest amiami order of the year arrived last month and I bought a few more figures left and right, resulting in a pretty big haul which I wanted to share here!


From Funko Pops to nendoroids, my October haul contained all sorts of figures!

My pretty big amiami parcel contained the scale figure, two nendos and one accessory I ordered.


Joining my Worick Arcangelo figure, Nicolas Brown finally arrived in his full glory. I absolutely love Gangsta and was thrilled to learn that they would release scale figures of the two main characters. Nicolas’ pose is dynamic and looks fantastic. I just love the way he is standing, wielding his sword and ready to attack. Unfortunately, they didn’t improve his face which I was afraid of when I first saw photos of the figure. His expression seems off and instead of looking menacing, he just looks derpy. The base looks a bit cheap and simple, even if I do like the wall he is leaning against. I have to admit that I really prefer Worick and his figure, but I don’t regret getting Nicolas since they both look fantastic together! (´∀`)♡


Next up, nendoroids!



My very first nendo from the Osomatsu series had to be Matsuno Ichimatsu. Not heavy on accessories but more on amazing expressions, the figure comes with two different faceplates and additional stickers, which can be put on the blank faceplate also included. You don’t have too much variety in poses, but Ichimatsu’s amazing expressions make up for that. His mask also kept slipping and did not entirely cover his mouth depending on how you moved his head. But all in all, I don’t regret my purchase at all!


I also got this adorable sleeping bag for Ichimatsu or other nendos. Those are super cute and can be really useful especially if you ever want to carry a figure with you!



Second nendoroid is Captain America himself! I am so in love with the Marvel and DC nendos and already own Iron Man, Batman and The Joker so far. So Cap couldn’t miss in my collection. Fingers crossed they are going to make a Bucky one soon(*’∀’人)♥ Cap doesn’t come with any other faceplates but with a lot of different arm sets, which make him pretty posable. Not pictured but I displayed him next to Iron Man and they both look amazing next to each other!


Then I got this bunch in my local comic book store!


First of all, I got three new Funko Pop figures since I do love collecting those little vinyl figures with the big heads. The lovely Batgirl, Newt from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Spider-Gwen made their way into my collection!



Finally, my absolute favourite arrival is the Nathan Drake figure by Neca which I have been waiting for months. I just have to collect everything Nathan Drake related and this is my fourth figure of the Uncharted protagonist! I’m usually not the biggest fan of action figures but I was pretty impressed by this one. Nate comes with two guns and his grappling hook, which allows for a few fun poses. His main face is the only thing that really bothers me, since I’m still trying to figure out if he is angry and about to turn into the Hulk, or if he just got his wisdom teeth removed. The additional face looks way better in my opinion so I preferred using that one.

That’s it for my October figure haul! Hope you enjoyed this post and I already look forward to sharing my next figure haul with you.


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