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I have written this article at the beginning of the year and totally forgot to post it ;A; So I’m catching up with that before I start writing a new one because I really need to keep this blog updated.

I recently got the game Inazuma Eleven for the Nintendo DS. I was really excited about getting this game, not only because it’s by Level 5 and I simply love the art and style of their games but also because I immediately liked the idea of the game: a football rpg.
You play the football passionated boy Mamoru Endou or Mark Evans in the US and European versions and recrute new members for the football team of your school. To do this, you can run around school or even town, talk to people and of course play soccer against random teams or more powerful opponents to progress in the story.
It’s colorful, it’s new and it’s extremely fun.

On top of that, I finished watching one of the many seasons of the anime which consists of a good 121 episodes and is still ongoing. If I’m right, the game is following the events of the whole first season of it and you have to beat the same teams as Endou and his friends in the animated version. Other games have already been released in Japan where the whole Inazuma Eleven series is quite popular and the hype is also slowly starting in Europe and the USA.

I’m not even sure how I got into the Inazuma bandwagon, since I am not a huge soccer fan, but ever since I started the game and the anime, I immediately fell in love with the lovely characters, the amazing techniques and the even if repetitive, still interesting story. So if you like these elements, you won’t regret taking time to play the game or watch a few episodes of the anime!

Ever since Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Kingdom Hearts: Re-Coded, the two new Pokemon games and the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS games and the PSP2, it nearly looks like 2011 will be the handheld year. Or at least for me!


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