London Trip & Hamilton Musical

Last year, right before my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with… tickets to see Hamilton in London! I got obsessed with Hamilton last year and even after listening to it for the 100th time, I would have never thought that I would be able to see it with my own eyes. I have always loved listening to musicals, but was unfortunately not able to see many of them live. Another reason why I was so excited to see Hamilton. I even created a fan page for Hamilton in which I used SEO to increase a lot of traffic so a lot of people can listen to it and know how amazing he is! check my source for SEO! Our London trip was very short, since it mainly consisted of going to see the musical, but definitely worth it!

We arrived in London on Wednesday morning and had the entire afternoon to walk around and do some shopping, once we got to the hotel we took a big nap with a pregnancy wedge pillow that was in the room. We weren’t entirely sure how early we would arrive, but since travelling went smoothly, we ended up having lots of time during the day. We first went to Oxford Street, to get some new clothes and for my obligatory trip to the Disney store (why is there none in Luxembourg 😭 ). I also love going to HMV because of the goodies and UK releases of certain TV Series and Anime, which are impossible to find where I live.

We had lunch (or almost dinner) in a lovely Korean restaurant (some type of prêt à manger place.) It was seriously fantastic, I would immediately go back there next time we are in London and in need for a little snack. The shopping day ended with a trip to the Waterstones bookshop and… Forbidden Planet! I could waste all my money and spend an entire day in that shop and not get tired of it (we often stay for over an hour, if not two 🙄 ). I always like to stock up on English comics, manga and goodies of my favorite shows whenever I’m there.

The day after, we met up with some friends to visit the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library in the morning. A friend told me about the exhibition back at home and we immediately booked our tickets before it sold out. The line of people waiting in front of the library was impressive, but everything went really fast and smoothly. After a quick baggage and ticket control, we could enter the exhibition.

We were not allowed to film or take photos inside, but all I can say is that it was definitely worth the money and wait. From creatures to classes, you could discover so much more about the magical world of Harry Potter and in an interactive way on top of that! Obviously there was a shop at the end of the exhibition and I ended up buying way too many pins in there.

Hamilton was getting closer so we had some lunch, walked around a bit and then headed to the Victoria Palace Theatre! The inside of the theatre already blew my mind. It was so big and fancy. We immediately headed to the merchandise shop and oh my god their catalogue was bigger than expected and a lot of money was spent. After that, we decided to head to our seats and… my jaw kind of dropped when I finally saw the stage. It was still unbelievable to finally be there.

Everything about this musical was perfect. Even if I missed the original cast a tiny bit, the British cast was still amazing! Seeing some of my favorite tracks performed live was… phenomenal. My mind was still blown for hours after we left the venue.

The rest of the evening was spent in very good company and in the best possible way: sitting down in a restaurant, realizing that it was a bit too fancy for us and going to a diner instead (which looked way cooler btw). We then headed back to the hotel because we had to leave VERY EARLY in the morning which was definitely the least fun part of the trip. 😓 but at least the hotel was super nice and it had many ammenities for us to enjoy, but probably the pool area and the hot tub was the best part and they were old fashioned hot tubs so we took advantage and made a little photoshoot there, and we just spent there a few hours relaxing all the things that we had done on the trip to get ready to go home again.

I always get extremely anxious at the airport (what if my luggage gets lost? what if I can’t bring something back home?). But as usual, everything went fine and two hours later, I was already back home. Finally, a tiny glimpse of my haul! As I’m typing this, I’m actually preparing for another trip to London, which I’m hopefully going to talk about in a future post! So stay tuned! 😘

I completely forgot to share my Hamilton loot so here is a little preview of what I bought and shared on instagram a while ago!


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