Japan Trip – Part III: Days 5 & 6

Welcome back to my last post related to my week in Japan! This time, the last two days of my trip will be tackled, which mainly consisted of visiting Akihabara! We also switched hotels for two nights and stayed in a lovely ryokan which I will present in the second part of this post.


Day 5 – Akihabara

Before we started our long-awaited visit to Akihabara, we decided to energize at the Gundam Café, which we actually found by chance when we left the station.



The (non-alcoholic) drinks were extremely good and refreshing, just what we needed since it was already pretty hot, even in the morning!

A little shop was also located right next to the café, selling numerous Gundam related goods.


It was mind-blowing and pretty overwhelming seeing all the different buildings Akiba had to offer. I made a list of shops I really wanted to visit there so we headed to the very first location: Kotobukiya.


The shop was a little harder to find since it was located in a side street, but damn was it worth it! Four floors filled with products from very different series: from Final Fantasy, Persona, Danganronpa, Dragon Quest and the Tales of series, to Sailor Moon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Studio Ghibli and of course Star Wars, you will be able to find everything in there.


The Tales of series part of the shop was my favorite one! It was so nice seeing all the different merch from the different games all in one place.



How nice would it be to have shelves filled with Bishoujo figures like these in my country? (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥)


Next up: arcades. We went to multiple arcades so I can’t remember where exactly I took most of these photos. We definitely stepped inside the Sega arcade buildings, trying to win a Boku no Hero Academia figure but failing spectacularly. My other highlight was finding the table flip game, I have been dying to play for years!


We went back to the Gundam Café for lunch and then it was time for Akiba shopping round two! The photos in the gallery below are from different shops I unfortunately can’t remember the name of. But here again, the amount of merchandise sold was just insane.

Another thing I loved: discovering shelves filled with PS Vita games (#PSVitahasnogames). I ended up buying two games for mine. Even if I don’t speak Japanese, I’m glad I could add titles that are probably never going to cross the ocean to my collection.

That is pretty much it for our Akiba tour! You can imagine that we had a lot to carry back to the hotel so we were happy to just sit down and relax but also prepare for the last day of our trip.

Day 6 – Ryokan & Akihabara

Our very last day in Japan was mostly spent packing, visiting the nearby areas and going back to Akihabara for some last minute shopping!



Since a good part of the day was spent in our ryokan, desperately trying to pack everything we bought into our suitcases, I decided to share some photos of the traditional place as well!


A small table is located in the center of the room during the day…


… while futons replace it for the night!

There were even two onsen we didn’t hesitate to use. I’m definitely glad we could experience this and stay at this lovely ryokan for two nights! Only recommendable if you go to Japan!


The day wasn’t over yet and with only a few hours left, what better place to go back to than Akihabara, for some last-minute shopping?


I’m really glad I could still see Akiba at night, it was simply gorgeous with all the lights on!


We officially ended our very last day in Japan by paying our local Don Quijote one last visit, to get some more presents and snacks.

We had to leave very early in the morning so I didn’t really take any pictures of our departure. Remembering this week still feels unreal to me. I still can’t believe I was finally able to visit this gorgeous country and discover so many new and interesting things. I definitely want to go back in the future, to discover more of Japan and this time, for longer than a week!


If you made it this far and read all my posts, thank you so much! I appreciate the support and I hope you had fun reading about our adventures in Tokyo! (‘∀’●)♡

I still have a few more Japan-related posts up my sleeve, so there is definitely some more to come. But before that, I maybe wanted to focus on some new events and figure but also game unboxings first!

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