Japan Trip – Part II: Days 3 & 4

Glad you found your way on my blog for the second part of my Japan trip! As I mentioned in my first Japan post, my friends and I went to Tokyo for a week and I’m going to share some of my favorite experiences, pictures and locations here on the blog. So hope you are sitting comfortably, because this is going to be a pretty long one!


Day 3 – Ikebukuro

We were a bit more spontaneous on our third day in Tokyo. We quickly went back to Toy Sapiens with a friend and then headed to Ikebukuro, since our main goal that day was to go to the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO.



My biggest regret is that we only quickly passed Harajuku but never walked through Takeshita Street, the main shopping street there. So no yummy crepe for me ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )



Ikebukuro was bigger than expected and it took us some time to find the shops we were looking for.


When we finally stumbled across the 8-floor-tall Animate, we definitely took our time to explore everything the shop had to offer. From character goods to CDs, DVDs, art books, manga, figures and games, you can find pretty much anything in there. Pro tip: don’t go there on a Saturday like we did… There were way too many students who had the same idea as we had. Hence the lack of photos of the shop.



Then it was finally time to realize a childhood dream. Having arrived in Sunshine City, a commercial complex where you will find plenty of shops and restaurants, we immediately made our way to the Pokémon Center. I think I was about to shed a few tears of joy when I saw it.

I’m actually proud of myself that I somehow only bought a handful of things and not the entire store.


IMG_0671We walked around a bit more and then went back to our hotel, which marks the end of day 3!

Day 4 – Asakusa, Square Enix Cafe &

Nakano Broadway

As mentioned in my previous post, we had a very early morning walk around Asakusa to get a better look at the gorgeous area.


In case anyone was wondering, this was our hotel: the Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International. The hotel and the rooms were gorgeous, comfortable and well equipped. Despite having some noisy neighbors, I still really enjoyed the place and can only recommend it if you want to stay in Asakusa!


We were curious about the different drinks the vending machines had to offer, so I grabbed this really tasty Peach Tea! Have to say, I was always lucky and ended up getting things that tasted good.


It was really nice walking around, surrounded by the fantastic temples and statues. We even drew an Omikuji, a written fortune and ours were good, yay!


Our stroll done, we then took the metro to go to the ARTNIA Square Enix Cafe in Shinjuku. This was probably one of my favorite moments of the entire trip! And yes, what you can see here is not a giant suppository but the cafe!




Not only was the food splendid, but the entire cafe was a shop and could even be considered as a small museum. I’m still not sure what I miss the most: the delicious food or the gorgeous displays(;へ:)



After what was probably the best breakfast ever, we headed to Nakano Broadway, another highly recommended place if you are interested in merchandise. One figure shop after the other. It was a bit too overwhelming to be completely honest, because we weren’t sure where to start and look. You leave one shop, almost in tears because you saw at least five things you wanted in there, and enter the next one, filled with just as many wanted goods.


I advise you to arm yourself with a lot of time, patience and luck to find whatever you are looking for. Some shops sell the same figures but the prices vary A LOT, so I recommend not jumping on the first one you see since chances are high that you might find it cheaper later on!


First time having Kakigori, shaved ice, and IT WAS AMAZING!! I didn’t even have a brain freeze, ha!


We spent a bit too much time in there since we wanted to have a look at everything and it got a bit crowded later on. So we headed back to the hotel once we were done.

That’s it for days 3 & 4! I wanted to thank everyone for reading this far and supporting me. Hopefully you will come back soon for the third Japan related post, which I am going to publish after my short Cologne trip!

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