Japan Trip – Part I: Days 1 & 2

2016 has been a phenomenal year for me so far! Not only did I finish university, but I also accomplished another thing that has been on my bucket list for so long: go to Japan. Everything happened pretty fast because one second, we were talking about going there in the future as a group, and the second after, we found ourselves at the travel agency, booking our tickets. The dates had been fixed: from the 25/05 to the 01/06, we would all take a plane from Luxembourg to Amsterdam and from there to Tokyo.


Our week there had been spent visiting different locations but also… going shopping! Tokyo has more than enough merchandise shops to offer, which will please every fan’s heart! So don’t be surprised to find some photos related to goods in these posts o(*>ω<*)o

I’ve also decided to split these posts into 3 parts or else they will be enormous. So more will follow very soon!

Day 1: Arrival & Asakusa

We were lucky enough to arrive early in the morning, so we had the entire day to explore Asakusa, the lovely place where our hotels were located. I ended up taking most of the pictures during the evening, since I was probably too busy being impressed by everything that surrounded us when we arrived.


In the evening, we decided to visit Tokyo Skytree, which was a 30 minute walk from our hotel. On our way to the tower, I took some shots of the gorgeous temples in Asakusa, which is a really touristy and busy place during the day.


I took a lot more pictures of the area during one of our morning walks and will probably share them in another post!


On the 4th floor of the tower, we stumbled across a store called Tree Village. It was the very first merchandise store we visited, selling goods related to a lot of different TV characters, and I was basically in heaven.


As for Tokyo Skytree… I think the photos speak for themselves. I can only recommend going there if you ever visit Tokyo!

Day 2: Shibuya

After maybe 3 hours of sleep (jet lag is a bitch), it was time to tackle our second day in Tokyo! Our plans changed a bit and we spontaneously decided to go to Shibuya on the second day already.


I made a huge list of shops and interesting locations all around Tokyo and a good part of those were located there, so the excitement to finally visit those places was big.

IMG_0309Even if you see me holding an umbrella here, I can reassure you that we’ve been lucky with the weather during the entire trip. It rarely rained and it was never too cold nor too hot for me!


Our very first stop in Shibuya was the Disney Store. I’ve seen this one in countless youtube vlogs and always wanted to visit it! Also, I was certain I could finally get a new adorable phone case and all the Tsum Tsum I wanted to enlarge my collection.

We were then walking around the streets of Shibuya, stumbling across different really interesting shops like the One Piece Mugiwara Store!



Other places we visited were Kiddyland, the very impressive Mandarake anime store and some other small but lovely shops selling all kinds of merchandise.



Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many photos of the main streets since it was still raining and pretty crowded, but here are some shots I really liked of other parts of the ward.


Our final stop of the day was probably the best one: Toy Sapiens. In short: a paradise for Hot Toys fans. They also sell all sorts of goods in there, mainly related to comic book characters and Star Wars.


I could have spent the entire day in that store just drooling over everything. Also, I wish I had enough space in my rooms for those awesome glass cubes!

My lovely boyfriend ended up buying the Ant-Man Hot Toys figure for me, which I am forever thankful for (´;ω;`)

This marks the end of my first Japan related post! If you have any questions regarding certain locations, shops or anything else mentioned in this post, I will try my best to answer them. Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 which I will try to publish during the week!


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