Ireland Trip – Part III: Haul

Here is my final Ireland related post, where I will quickly share all the things I got during my trip! Some people prefer to buy clothes on their vacation, but I can’t resist getting figures or books, I won’t immediately find in my country! There were plenty of comic book stores in Dublin and I loved appreciating their giant stock of Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures and graphic novels.


IMG_5858_Fotor_02Starting this haul with the new Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures I got for my collection! You’ll probably notice a Game of Thrones and Ant-Man theme in my purchases.

IMG_5860_Fotor_02Can never resist buying new Tsum Tsum. They are just way too cute!

IMG_5863_Fotor_02Current Tsum Tsum collection! They are so hard to find here, so I don’t have too many yet.

IMG_5866_Fotor_02Was afraid I wouldn’t find this amiibo back home so I decided to grab him as well!

IMG_5875_Fotor_02The quality of the newest amiibo figures amazes me. Bowser Jr. looks great!

IMG_5881_Fotor_02I already own a bunch of Hawkeye figures so I just had to add this amazing one to my growing collection! If only the Hot Toys ones were a bit cheaper and easier to get.

IMG_5923_Fotor_02A gorgeous bracelet I got from my boyfriend, another simple one I bought in an Irish gift shop, a cute little wristwatch and a necklace I bought during the Game of Thrones tour!

IMG_5925_Fotor_02I’m usually not a wristwatch person, but immediately fell in love with this one.

IMG_5933_Fotor_02LBP3 was on sale and always wanted to play it, so yay.

IMG_5934_Fotor_02Always wanted to read The 5th Wave series so I was delighted to find them in a bookstore (unlike here where it’s hard to find English books and I usually have to order them online).

IMG_5936_Fotor_02Even if the book was a bit damaged, I just couldn’t leave this guide behind!

IMG_5941_Fotor_02My very first issue of Newtype, which was a bit expensive but totally worth it. Such a gorgeous magazine and I was so happy to get a Kill la Kill poster with this issue as well!

IMG_5932_Fotor_02Reaching the comic part now. So in love with the cover of the first Mad Max: Fury Road (Max Part One) issue!




IMG_5952_Fotor_02Probably the best thing I purchased is this wonderful art book! (Told you there was definitely an Ant-Man theme in my purchases). I’m in love with the Marvel books and always try to get the ones of my favorite movies or shows.


IMG_6134_FotorFinal part: posters. I seriously love posters, like, a lot!

IMG_6136_FotorWho can’t resist having a giant poster of Chris Pratt and his raptor squad on their wall?

IMG_6153_FotorThe moment I saw this poster, I knew it would fit perfectly in my office!

That’s it for my Ireland haul! Yes, I went a bit crazy at some point but I don’t regret any of my purchases.

If you made it this far, thanks a lot for reading and really hope you enjoyed these three posts about my little Ireland trip! Here are part I and part II in case you missed those!


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