Ireland Trip – Part II: Game of Thrones Tour

Here is the second post of my Ireland trip! In case you missed the first one, I went to Ireland for a week and wanted to share some thoughts and photos of the wonderful locations I visited during my stay! This post will focus on the “Game of Thrones Tour” we did on Thursday.


This tour consisted of visiting some locations at which the show was filmed, while our friendly guide gave us explanations and showed us screenshots or videos of the show and compared them to the environments we were at. It was a great method to properly compare both and made us realize that the show was indeed filmed in those places a few years ago!

Trek 1 – Tollymore Forest Park

Our journey started at 8 am in Dublin, where we hopped on the bus which took more or less 2 hours to reach Northern Ireland, or more precisely Tollymore for the first trek. This one consisted in visiting a lovely forest park, in which certain key scenes from season 1 were filmed (the opening scene; the scene where the Starks find the direwolf pups; etc). Stark family cloaks were handed to us before we started walking and those not only managed to put us in the right mood, but also kept us warm and comfortable during the trek!


We were able to wear cloaks during the entire tour, yay!



One of the stops where our guide compared the environment with a scene from the show.


Lunch & Meeting the Direwolves

After the first trek, the bus drove us to a lovely, old pub called Paddy’s Barn, where we had lunch and could meet the direwolves and their friendly owners. They told us everything about the direwolves, their involvement on the show and even let us take photos with the animals!



Fans of the show should be familiar with this crown!


Trek 2 – Winterfell

After lunch and the excitement of meeting the direwolves, it took us a short while to get to Winterfell. The locations were very different from the previous ones, but still just as scenic! Instead of a forest, we were walking around the shore of Strangford Lough and some castles, which also served as filming locations (like Robb’s camp for example).

Our final stop was a few minutes away by bus, in Inch Abbey, another location used on the show. Here we had some time to take photos and could even pose with swords, shields and the Hound’s helmet, all provided by our guide!



A season 2 scene between Brienne and Jaimie was filmed at this spot.


This small castle was duplicated to serve as Walder Frey’s Twins.


Our final stop, Inch Abbey.

All in all, it was an amazing tour, really worth the money and I can only recommend it to fans of Game of Thrones but it’s also worth it if you like walking and admiring the gorgeous landscape. Our guide was really friendly and knew a lot about Ireland, the show and its locations. My only complaint would be that we had to go a bit too fast sometimes, and hardly had time to take pictures. But I would still not hesitate to do this tour again!

In case you want to know more about the tour, here is their official site and a more detailed plan of the locations trek.


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