Ireland Trip – Part I: City Sightseeing

It has been months since my last blog post which I wanted to make up for now. I’m really excited to share some thoughts and photos of my wonderful trip to Ireland, which I visited for the first time two weeks ago (14/07 – 21/07). I wasn’t too sure what to expect (other than being told that the weather was constantly bad, haha), but I was immediately impressed by how gorgeous everything is. Speaking of the weather, we were pretty lucky since it almost didn’t rain! We spent most of the week in Dublin (there was enough to discover there already), then went on a tour to Northern Ireland (which I will mention in another post) and finally spent some time in the middle and west of the country, in Offaly and Galway to be precise.

This will be the first Ireland post in a series of 3 and will mainly focus on Dublin and the two other towns we visited during the week!

One final note about the photos: I didn’t really edit any of them and they were all taken with my iPhone 6. Also added some locations to the ones in the gallery in case anyone would like to visit a specific place I mentioned!


Hello Ireland, you look so pretty ( ´ ▽ ` )


A lot of our time has been spent in Dublin, walking around the many streets and doing some shopping. I also love looking at the different stores and products I don’t know from new countries I haven’t visited before. We also had lunch in a few lovely and very original places, like the Gotham Cafe and Pablo Picante. Since I can’t leave a big city without buying any new figures or books, we went to Forbidden Planet and some other comic book stores in Dublin, but also to the Disney Store which I always love to visit!

Dún Laoghaire

On the second day, we visited Dún Laoghaire, an adorable, little town 40 minutes away from Dublin. Both the port and the small town were very nice to discover and sightsee.


Galway is a seaport and the last town we visited during the week. It was very cold and windy that day, but still loved seeing the ocean when we were in Salthill and going to a small funfair and shopping centre afterwards was also fun!


Back in Luxembourg!

Ireland is such a gorgeous country, with a rich history and lots of interesting places to visit and very friendly people! I’m very grateful I could spend a week there and was warmly welcomed by everyone. Really looking forward to visiting it again!

Keep your eyes open for the next two posts which I will try to publish as soon as possible! Thanks a lot for reading o(〃^▽^〃)o


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