Geeky decluttering : trying the Konmari Method

Blog Post: Geeky decluttering – trying the Konmari Method for one category Part 1

A lot of things happened the last few months and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been in a pretty dark place. One of the many reasons for this were my cluttered rooms. To pull myself out of that hole, I decided that it was time to tidy up and get rid of a lot of stuff. 

DVDs / Blu-Rays / TV Series / Anime / Collector’s Editions:

The last few months have been pretty hard and I haven’t been feeling great both physically and mentally. I realized that a few things really needed to change in my life and tidying up my cluttered rooms were one of those things. I spend a lot of time in my 3 pretty small but comfortable rooms under the roof. As a collector, I tend to buy a lot of things, which then pile up instead of being properly put on a shelf immediately. It started getting problematic when I realized that I wasn’t really collecting anymore, but almost hoarding. Being in my rooms stressed me out even more and I knew that I had to do something about that.

I wanted to start the Konmari method a long time ago, I started but of course, I failed. Because I didn’t do it properly. I still doubt I did it correctly now, but I was much stricter with my criteria. I just didn’t want to keep anything anymore that I knew that would not spark any joy anymore.

With my current struggles with mental health, I decided to do something with my time off. Feeling good at home is crucial, so I decided to invest my time at home doing healthy activities like relaxing, reading and even setting up a space for training with equipment as a pilates ball amazon and others. If I already don’t feel good in my own rooms, how was I supposed to feel good in public or at work?

As much as I hate using this term: I almost could be considered as a hoarder. I accumulated so much over the last few years. I always had much as a child, so yes, I was already spoiled rotten then, I’ll admit it. But ever since I started to make my own money, noone could stop me.

I have a VERY WIDE range of interests which is on one hand good, on the other bad. But let’s be real: I can’t have all the books, DVDs or figures in the world. I want to focus on what I REALLY LIKE.

I spend most of my weekdays frustrated because of my mess and Saturdays tidying up all day… wasting plenty of time I could use to… blog for example.

OCD and ADHD: everything has to be perfect but not for too long (talk about my life)

Movies (add later in post): yes, I love my movies action-packed and silly. You can judge me all you want, I don’t care 😂😜 life is already a struggle enough as it is. I’m not the type of person who will watch romantic comedies or anything like that. Which doesn’t mean I WON’T.

Everything in my life is overflowing: my rooms, computers and myself. No space in rooms, no space on computers, and i felt like i felt like i reached my limt as well.

Whenever I looked at my collection, I always saw the things I DIDN’T WANT ANYMORE and not the ones I loved.

Excuse the bad quality of photos and the mess. It had to go fast and I was so busy tidying up that I couldn’t take any nice photos

I started with my movie, TV series and anime collection which are all squattered over 3 rooms.

My (old) DVD collection is (well hidden) in my bedroom, my TV series and anime collection is located in my office and my blu-rays and collector’s editions are in my TV Room. Yes, it’s complicated and yes, I hate it. As much as I wish to have all my movies, shows and anime in one place, it’s hard due to a lack of store space.

I already changed a lot of things in here over the last few years. My novels used to be in my office but I decided to move everything out of there and bring them into my bedroom with all my other books. Good decision, unfortunately, my TV series and anime had to be moved into the other room.

I had to make a choice between having all my books in one place or DVDs. So I picked the books. Truth be told, I don’t use the DVDs as much as the books, so that was another reason why this change happened.

While tidying up, I made a list of films I wanted to buy on blu-ray later on. Well, guess what? I found those blu-rays in my collection, without remembering when I actually bought them. It blew my mind.

And what blew my mind even more were all those different Resident Evil versions I have. I had the first four movies on DVDs, then I had 5 and 7 as steelbooks and 6 as a normal blu-ray, making it so hard to remember which ones of the series I own. And if you thought that was all of it, I found the other animated Resident Evil movies as DVDs and Blu-rays and of course, I completely forgot I actually own them.

I am a sucker for nice collector’s editions, that is true. But then I was holding boxes like Room 1408, Interstellar or Now You See Me (3 Movies I LOVE TO BITS) but I was thinking: does owning this giant box, I don’t know where to display, really sparks joy? The answer was no straight away. I had to store the two boxes in a corner of my TV Room because I had no idea where to put them otherwise. When I tidied up, I just thought: « Ain’t nobody got space for that » and then discarded them.

Also: why did I store some animes in one room and others in another???

A note to editors:

Please don’t do this. My OCD and the rest of my collection thank you a lot. (Photos of boxes like Black Butler)

Konmari method in a nutshellf:

DVDs as an example:

DVD stuff

My experience:

  • getting rid of things is NEVER easy. but believe me, the way you feel once you discover the things you truly love is fantastic
  • I recommend what Konmari said: put everything on ONE pile and in ONE room. I didn’t do it exactly that way, since I have 3 rooms and all the things spread in 3 rooms. I did remove everything from the shelves which helped me already see the quantity I have. But I also recommend having the room you declutter your stuff in, fairly tidy. I had books all over the couch and couldn’t find my precious bullet journal at some point which made everything even more frustrating.
  • put some of your favorite inspirational/motivation music on, believe me, you are going to need it 💪🏻 i was listening to the Boku no Hero Academia OST and some J-Pop rock songs which made me want to tackle the mass of things even more.
  • keep your cleaning supplies at hand!!
  • before putting everything back on the shelves (the best part!): think of THE BEST way to store your things now you have less. Think outside the box. I had to walk around the rooms for a little while and think of the best ways to display things a few times.
  • DON’T store in boxes. or avoid it. I had mangas on my shelves and old mangas and two different baskets in two different rooms…
  • While tidying up, I realized that my organization method was ALL OVER THE PLACE (no big surprise really). Then I thought of what in my rooms was organized the best way: my games. I organized them ALPHABETICALLY AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY FINE FOR ME. It’s easier to organize PS4 games alphabetically than DVDs from different editors though. So it won’t be as nicely looking. But I think it’s for the time being more important to have things organized all the same way. I used to organize my DVDs by preference, but now I decided that this is useless, since by tidying up, everything I own is supposed to spark joy and be my favorite!
  • Avoid doing what I did with « look at later » piles. For things I wanted to look up for example or whatever. Because obviously, I forgot to add those things on my shelves later on. That’s another reason why the Konmari method is great
  • Own 4 seasons of a show on DVD and one on bluray? yeah, I know that feel. tbh, it’s hard to know if you should put it on the bluray shelf or with the rest of the series. I decided to put it with the rest of the series simply because at least I know that way, that I actually own it.

Before tidying up:

My criteria:

  • does it spark joy?
  • will I ever watch it again?
  • do I own a second copy of it (in a boxset, on blu-ray)?
  • do I want to upgrade my DVD to blu-ray because I love the movie or show so much? (if yes, make wishlist on amazon and get them whenever you can. Don’t forget to discard the DVD version once you upgraded it ;))
  • is the movie, show or anime on a streaming platform like Netflix or Crunchyroll? I usually used this method for shows I had only one season of on DVD for example.
  • made 3 piles: yes, no and will see if on Netflix or I have another version of

After tidying up:

  • helped me realize how many movies I had twice, how many movies I still loved from years ago, the franchises I really love (Marvel, Resident Evil, etc) and who the actors are that I really want to support <3 but it also gave me the opportunity to FINALLY get rid of some films I was keeping around for no reason, KNOWING EXACTLY that I will never watch them again. Thanks for being in my life, but you might be better somewhere else. And some films, I really love that much that I need on blu-ray and OF COURSE get rid of the DVD once I got it. I also discovered some really nice steelbooks and collector’s editions I forgot I owned. (take photos). And it really kind of showed me who I am in terms of movies and what I truly love which is a great feeling.
  • more spaaaaaaace
  • updated my to watch list because there are more movies and shows I want to get into

Photos to take:

  • movies I owned twice (Kickass, Resident Evil, Stardust, etc)
  • huge ass collector’s editions nobody knows where and how to display
  • shelves before and after
  • Goodies you find in boxes like Death Note cards (because i’m a sucker for using those as bookmarks)
  • Sky High and Boku no Hero Academia joke
  • Prison Break: organize by series, also, please don’t do this. Please.
  • Decided to put two letters per shelf to get organized. Maybe organize some by series. Kept two rows for my actor related films, because yes, that is a thing.
  • Coming from a multilingual country? I know that feel and will know it for a long time. I own DVDs in multiple languages, even if I usually watch them in English. Organizing them will be hard though, but I will usually try to stick with the English title since I know that one

Music I was listening to:

  • feel the fire

Showed me who I am, how my interests have changed over the years:

  • I got into the superhero hype and bought all the graphic novels I could lay my hands on but now realized, that’s just not for me. I still love graphic novels, but try to focus on certain characters like Batgirl, Nightwing, Constantine, etc instead of big events.
  • Same goes for manga. I kept books like Inazuma Eleven, which I loved back then but after looking through them again, I know I won’t read them again and they are not my style anymore.
  • For novels, I used to get mine in German and French but now mainly focus on getting everything in English, except for classics of course
  • I even unhauled certain books I recently got because they have been recommended to me, but I then realized they were just not my style and I will never find the time to read them.
  • I’ve always been a collector of things and was always super proud of what I owned! But the last few years, this has changed. It has become more hoarding then collecting and I hated it.
  • I always kept piles of things around « just because » or « just in case » or « so I remember to read/play/watch this » it’s kind of silly and in the end, I can’t find anything anymore


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