Figure Pre-orders

To change the formula a bit, I’ve decided to show you the figures I have on pre-order for the next few months! Most of them are scale figures or Nendoroids and I usually try to limit myself to 1-2 figures a month. This isn’t always easy though, since release dates might change, but as long as the final product ends up looking great, I don’t mind that much! (*^v^*)

FIGURE-011064_07Altair – Free!: Rin Matsuoka 1/8 Complete Figure – Release Date: September – Source

FIGURE-011187_01ARTFX J – Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki AWAKENED ver. 1/8 Complete Figure – Release Date: September – Source

FIGURE-011720_01Nendoroid – Himouto! Umaru-chan: Umaru – Release Date: September – Source

DC COMICS CONSTANTINE STATUEDC Comics Constantine Statue – Release Date: October – Source

FIGURE-012466_06Nendoroid – Iron Man Mark 43: Hero’s Edition + Ultron Sentries Set – Release Date: October – Source

FIGURE-012527_01Nendoroid – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: Raiden MGS2 Ver. – Release Date: November – Source

FIGURE-012961_10Altair – Free!: Makoto Tachibana 1/8 Complete Figure – Release Date: January 2016 – Source

FIGURE-013278_01Nendoroid – The Legend of Zelda: Link Majora’s Mask 3D Ver. – Release Date: January 2016 – Source

FIGURE-013316_01Nendoroid – DRAMAtical Murder: Koujaku – Release Date: January 2016 – Source

I love all of these but I think the one I just cannot wait for anymore is the Constantine statue. Ever since the show started and they announced this one, I knew I had to pre-order it! I even have a special shelf dedicated to both John and Zatanna, and this is the only one that is missing now to complete my small collection!


All in all, September and January are going to be the worst months for my poor wallet for sure. There are a few more figures I would love to pre-order but it’s just getting a little too much unfortunately so I will probably wait and see if anything changes.

So, any of these figures on your radar? Tell me in the comments!


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