Favorite Comic Book Shows

When I take a look at the shows I’m currently watching, I realize that most of them are comic book related. That’s why I thought it would be a nice idea to rank them and say what I like and don’t like about these particular shows.

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#6. The Flash

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I really don’t like putting The Flash in last place to be honest since it’s a fun show with a great cast. I absolutely ADORE Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and he portrays the character really well! I could not imagine a better Flash right now. But for some reason, this show just can’t get me hooked and I almost forget to watch it each week. When I watch it though, I enjoy it but I’m never too excited for the next episode. There is just something missing that just makes me more motivated to keep on watching.

#5. Marvel’s Agents of Shield

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Ohh I struggled to get through the first season. It took me a few months to catch up. Some episodes were really good and others were boring and almost pointless to me. Once I decided to finally marathon the rest of the first season, I was very glad I did and I’m even more glad that I decided to move straight on to season 2 which has been way better than the first one. But what I like the most about this show is the cast/team and it’s always a delight to see everyone interact!

#4. Arrow

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I wasn’t sure where to put Arrow on this list. If I look back at season 3 so far, I wasn’t too impressed. The main problem with Arrow is that it takes forever to build up, but once the main villain appears, things start getting interesting and the show gets much better. The show usually has an amazing midseason finale/finale but some episodes in-between can get boring and almost too cheesy for me sometimes.

#3. Gotham

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Gotham didn’t have a great start but it got really good after a few episodes. I really like the show’s atmosphere and seeing younger versions of the popular characters from the Batman universe is very appealing to me. I just wish that the writers would stop shoving in every possible Batman villain/character into every single episode, with no particular reason, and focus more on building up the story on the main ones.

#2. Constantine

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Ok, let’s be honest: I already adore Constantine, simply because of the main character: Matt Ryan portrays John so perfectly, that you can only love him. The show has been very enjoyable to watch and on top of that, it is very loyal to the source material! I’m really excited to see what they might do with it in the future, if it really gets a second season… So let’s cross our fingers and keep supporting this amazing show that definitely deserves more love and a bigger audience. If you are just as passionate about this show as I am, you can always support it here by signing the petition. Watching the episodes on official streaming sites (like amazon prime for European folks like me), alongside using the hashtag #SaveConstantine on Twitter to show your support will also help!

#1. The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead has had its ups and downs, but season 5 has been great so far. I’ve always been on the edge of my seat during every single episode, which always ended with a big surprise. It’s one of the few series I still see myself watching in the distant future, if it keeps being as good as it is now!

Shows I’m excited for/need to catch up on.

Agent Carter

Shows Agent Carter_Fotor

Only watched the first two episodes of Agent Carter which I loved! I didn’t have time to watch more though, and want to give it a few more episodes before I can rank it, since it would be unfair to compare it to other shows which already have 1 or 2 seasons.


Shows Daredevil_Fotor

I have never read a Daredevil comic or seen the movie before, but the first trailer for this new show was super sweet. I really liked the dark tone and wish Marvel movies/shows would go a bit more in that direction sometimes.


Shows Powers_Fotor

Powers is coming out in March and I’m really looking forward to it. The trailer looked promising and it will definitely be a bit different from other comic book shows so far. But let’s be honest, I also really like Sharlto Copley and I’m excited to see him in a TV series.


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