[Events] A very special week

This post is going to be a bit more different and personal for once but I really felt like sharing it anyway. 🙂 A short while ago, I spent one week (19th-26th July) with someone really important and special to me and it was one of the best weeks of my life. We visited a few places during that time and the best one was obviously Paris. Ideal to find some new goodies and just waste money as I usually do. 😛 To stay in the same pattern of the blog, this will be a kind of haul and weekly recap article.

Comic Festival-01

Every year, I usually go to a comic book festival here in the country. Didn’t really feel like going at first, but we ended up visiting the place anyway for a short while since it was just way too hot that day. I used to go crazy there, and come home with two bags full of comics. :O
This time, I only got the first volume of a Tomb Raider comic I found. I immediately liked the art and if I like the story enough, I might get the other volumes.


In Paris, we visited the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, wanted to see the Notre-Dame as well, but the weather got bad and time was running out too.

Paris Haul-01

There was always time for some shopping though, so we visited some stores and I ended up going a little crazy again…


Even if I don’t have that much space on my walls anymore, I still ended up buying some new posters: Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler and Final Fantasy X. I just can’t resist pretty anime or game posters when I see them. :green:

The Art of Uncharted-01

How long have I been looking for this book? How long? I saw it years ago in Paris and still regret not getting it earlier. I found it again in the same store and I was just extremely happy. I paid a good amount of money for this, but don’t really regret it. Uncharted 2 is one of my favorite games and I really needed The Art of Uncharted 2.

In case you are interested to see more about this one, I already prepared another article about this and more new art books I got lately, that I will post soon.


As for figures, I got Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, a tiny and adorable Shanks from One Piece and a Turret from Portal. I have to admit that I own nearly all of the Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai figures. I started by getting Fang and ended up waiting for most of them to get cheaper and bought them for around 20€. I was still missing Lightning and I got her for less than that so I was glad to add her to my collection.


Once I am moving to France for university, I will have a PS3 at my place and really want to play the Mass Effect trilogy which is for some reason, really hard to find here in Europe, or at least the PS3 version. Well, I found one of the last copies in a small store in Paris. I know I could have gotten them on the Playstation Store, but I usually always prefer getting physical copies of my games.

Another game I have been searching for a while, Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call (Nocturne). I remember playing this at a friend’s place and really enjoying it. I was hesitating a bit, since I hardly use my PS2 anymore, but on the other hand, I really wanted to own a copy of the game. Well, you see how it turned out anyway.

That’s pretty much my Paris haul. I usually go crazy during trips like these, because I know I’m not visiting these places very often so I want to get whatever I can immediately. What a bad and expensive habit, I know. 😛

Kirby Wii-01

Not really a haul, but felt like sharing this as well: we played most of Kirby’s Adventure on the Wii during the week. This game is just perfect for multiplayer and a lot of fun. It can get really hard and frustrating towards the end though. Still a very nice game to play with friends. Hoping for a Kirby Wii U game now! 🙂

I think I could have written a novel about the entire week, but in the end I preferred keeping it shorter. There are so many things I haven’t mentioned and I wasn’t sure on how to structure this article properly to begin with. Still hope it turned out more or less ok.
As for that week, my only wish would be to relive it over and over again and I am thankful for everything. But next time, it could be a tiny bit colder. 😛


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