Event: Gamescom 2014

I know I’m a bit late with this article but still wanted to share my experience at gamescom this year! This was my 4th time visiting gamescom and I’m always looking forward to that time of the year, since I just love going to Cologne with my friends and having fun there for a few days. Gamescom this year was even bigger and more crowded than last year, which made it really hard to play games and also to take good pictures. Not going to write a long description about each booth, just mainly want to share photos of my experience there.


At the Sony booth, I was able to play The Order, Far Cry 4 and start Until Dawn. They had many different games but the queues were extremely messy and it was hard to know what you were actually queuing for.


Only game that really interested me for Microsoft’s consoles was Sunset Overdrive which was a lot of fun to play!


Nintendo’s biggest game at gamescom was obviously the new Super Smash Bros game. Their other titles were also playable all around their booth.


Ubisoft had not only one but two playable Assassin’s Creed games this year.


Cosplayers could be found pretty much everywhere. The League of Legends booth had a special place where cosplayers could show off their costumes and pose for fans.


The crowd at gamescom in a nutshell.


There were just way too many booths there this year selling figures, books, plushes, shirts or other anime and games related merchandise. As someone who loves buying these kinds of things, this place was basically paradise for me (or hell, mainly for my wallet).


The Square Enix booth is in my opinion the biggest highlight, since their display cases always look amazing! I collect Play Arts Kai figures as well, so it’s always nice to look at their different poses her, but sometimes wish these figures wouldn’t be so expensive. They were also selling an exclusive Snake figure which looked really cool and I do know someone who bought this one. 😉

Finally, a gamescom post wouldn’t be a post without my traditional haul. I did bring a lot of figures back from Cologne and managed to find four figures I REALLY wanted (or actually two, since the other two were sold earlier there).

Gamescom Loot-01

So yes, my haul consisted of six figures, three shirts and a few random things. Didn’t get many goodies there, except for the Sunset Overdrive energy drink which is really cool!

The Digimon figures are the ones I am the most excited about! I wanted to buy them online so many times already, but they were really expensive. At gamescom, they surprisingly  dropped the price a little and when I saw them lying in front of me, I just couldn’t resist. Don’t regret my purchase at all, even if they are really small!
The two Assassin’s Creed figures were being sold here earlier and since I can’t wait, I had to get them immediately! As for Edward, I already own a few figures of him and this one was still missing in my collection. :green:
Finally, I really wanted to get another figure before we left and I wasn’t sure which one since they had so many. But then I saw Law from One Piece and I knew I just had to get this figure. It’s really big and nicely detailed and I like the fact that he isn’t wearing his hat on this one!

As for the shirts, I almost immediately wanted to get the Uncharted one which is really nice. I bought the Assassin’s Creed Unity shirt on the second day, since I hesitated a bit, but I’m glad I ended up buying it! I actually got the last one for free, when I bought one of the AC figures at the Square Enix booth! The shirt is a bit too large for me, but I don’t mind owning it anyway!

That’s pretty much it for my gamescom 2014 post! Hope everyone enjoyed it and in case you are interested, here are my posts about gamescom 20132012 and 2011.



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