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A few weeks have passed since gamescom and I’m only writing this now. 🙁
Anyway, this year, I stayed in Cologne from Thursday to Saturday and visited gamescom the same days of course, but not the entire time. That would be way too exhausting, considering how many people there were this year and how long you had to wait for certain games. That’s unfortunately also the reason why we didn’t see or play as many things as the years before. I am really disappointed in that and for some reason, our plans to play certain games didn’t work out and we lost a lot of time. But of course, not everything was bad, far from that and we managed to have a lot of fun and play certain games at least. Even if I left gamescom 2013 a tiny bit disappointed, I am still glad I could go there this year and I’m already excited for next year.

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Next time, I will try to plan where to go exactly a bit in advance, might definitely help. I also wanted to take a minute to thank my friends for an amazing time in Germany.
As usual, I also came back home with a lot of goodies and things I bought in the fanshops there or in stores in Cologne. This will all be presented in another article. Here I will mention the games and consoles we managed to test and most of the booths we saw.


Microsoft: Peggle 2 was the only game we played on the Xbox One. Not many people were waiting there and I was just happy to be able to hold the new controller for a short while. I still have no real opinion about the controller to be honest, I love the Xbox 360 one and this one seems to be quite like it. I don’t want to comment a lot about the Xbox One itself, because the entire ‘console war’ is silly in my eyes anyway. I am getting the PS4 first, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t intend on getting the Xbox One, one day as well. I am just a bit disappointed in the fact that they are not releasing it here until 2014 (apparently).


Nintendo: Unfortunately, we only passed the Nintendo booth a few times, without playing anything. I really wanted to play Wind Waker HD, but knowing that it is going to be released soon, I  preferred keeping that precious time for other games.


Sony: Before I start commenting on this one, yes the photo is bad, you can totally see me through it but it’s the only good one I managed to take. :green: Anyway. The Sony booth is where we spent most of our time. Waited almost 3 hours to play a few PS4 games, like Knack, Octodad or Skylanders which I tried for a few minutes only. I can say that Octodad: Dadliest Catch was my highlight of the few games I played at gamescom. It was refreshing and fun and I cannot wait to play this at home. Knack was also fun, but to be honest, I didn’t really had the impression to play a PS4 game. The graphics were nice but nothing really managed to blow my mind. Actually, we wanted to play games like Assassin’s Creed IV on the PS4, which might have given me a different impression, but since they divided the 18+ games and the other ones, we realized that we were in the wrong queue after standing there for 30 minutes already, so we decided to stay in this one anyway… 😐


Since not too many people were waiting to play Skylanders, I could take a photo of the new controller. I wasn’t too happy about the design at first, but I absolutely loved holding it! Feels much better than the PS3 controller.


Ubisoft: A huge booth we walked by a few times, mostly because of the nice cosplayers standing in front of them. 😛 As expected, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs were the big stars here, and I would have waited a few hours for Watch Dogs, if I had the time.

Square Enix-01

Other booths: Square Enix was another huge one, many interesting games I wanted to play, but here again, we didn’t play any of them. Not being able to play or watch footage of Murdered: Soul Suspect or Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD made me a bit sad, since I’m really excited for these games. Same goes for The Evil Within, but people were waiting almost 1-2 hours to watch a short video.

Saints Row 4-01

Games like Saints Row IV or Killer is Dead were also playable, but since they came out almost the same week as gamescom, it was pointless to play them if you knew you would get them anyway.

This is more or less it for part 1 of my gamescom articles. I know this is a bit ‘short’ but I really lacked the time lately to write a huge report about my 3 days in Cologne, even if I would have loved to write more about it. If flickr wouldn’t have changed their layout, I would have added my photos on there, with the 2012 gamescom photos… I decided to put a good part of them here instead, to give you a better look at some of the booths, consoles and games. Enjoy.


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