[Shopping] DVD: Naruto Shippuden – The Movies (European Version)

I always wanted to blog about things like DVDs, books, mangas or even video games I buy. Maybe someone will even want to purchase the same objects later on; who knows!
So here is my very first article about the Naruto Shippuden – The Movies Box Set that was recently released in France.

The box contains the first three Naruto Shippuden movies called The Movie, Bonds and Inheritors of the Will of Fire (‘Un funeste présage’, ‘Les liens’ and ‘La flamme de la volonté’ in French).  But it also includes some nice extras like posters and three little booklets covering the movies.

Details on the covers and booklets. I just realized that I put them in wrong order and that my bottle of water is lurking under my desk. Sorry about that 8)

Inside look of the booklets. The pictures are really pretty and the text is basically describing scenes from the movies.

Finally, a look at one of the posters. I wonder where I should put this one.

I got this version for 39.99 Euros which are circa 52$. But I just realized that you can have it for much cheaper on amazon.fr.

So all in all, this is a very interesting purchase that French Naruto fans should really own. I wasn’t really sure about buying it but after hesitating a couple of times, I finally got it and I’m really glad I did.



  1. Hi. I was wondering, are those movies French dubbed or are they subbed? And do they have English subs?

  2. Hi there! I had to check again since these are a few years old, but they have Japanese and French audio and French and Dutch subs. But there are no English subs. Hope this helped! 🙂

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