[Event] Gamescom 2012: I’ll be there.

Long time not written here which really makes me sad. I was busy with work and other things lately and I was lacking the motivation to write and update my blog. But let’s change that right now.

I wanted to announce that I will be at gamescom this year once again from the 16th until the 18th august. So enough time to play some new games and discover everything. We decided to go from Thursday until Saturday because it’s impossible to get much done during the weekend so we hope that there won’t be too many people at least tomorrow. A friend will accompany me and we will also take some time to go shopping in Cologne so 3 long days await us there. 😎

There are a few games that I really want to play, most of them are Playstation 3 games but I am also excited to play Dead Space 3 if there is a playable demo or maybe even a Wii U game like Zombi U also only if it is around. I’m not extremely excited for the Wii U itself and I hope that this might change my feelings towards it.

I also wanted to add that I’m glad that Sony announced at least a few new games, also for the Vita, during their conference yesterday: Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Until Dawn, Rain and Puppeteer. Most of these games sound really interesting and it’s nice to get totally new titles.
Something else they announced is the Cross Buy program: if you buy a PS3 game you will be able to get the Vita version for free and same goes for Vita to PS3 games. BUT this only works for a few chosen games so far like Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale or Sly Cooper for example. I really like the idea but of course if you get a PS Vita game, you will need space and if you don’t have enough space on your memory card, you’ll have to make some or buy another one… It would be really nice if these things were not so expensive.
Also, the fact that you will be able to use the PS Vita as a controller to play games like Little Big Planet on your PS3 is really interesting as well.
But all in all, these few announcements are interesting and Sony definitely wins points towards Microsoft and Nintendo who won’t even be at gamescom this year.

So much for my thoughts on a few gamescom related things. I guess I will go and pack some more. 😉

[Blogging] Video Games: First Impressions (1)

I recently wrote about the huge amount of new games being released this month. I haven’t posted about all of them yet but I wanted to write my first impressions on some of these new games that I have been playing recently. Just to remind that these aren’t reviews of any kind, just my thoughts and things I noticed while playing for a few hours. Also, there are no spoilers or nothing related to the story here. I picked these four games even if I still played more this month. Depending on my progress, I might write about the other ones in another article.  😉

Kid Icarus: Uprising

This game was actually one of the titles I was looking forward to the most ever since I bought the 3DS. Now that I finally got it, I played for a while and so far it’s really fun. It’s actually really entertaining to listen to the characters talk while you play but I think it’s actually sad that you can’t focus 100% on these dialogues since you have to keep your eyes on the upper screen while the rest is happening on the touch screen. If you don’t actually mind that, it’s alright but I would still have preferred playing the game and getting a real cutscene after beating a level. Then there are tons of unlockables, so the replay value to get everything is high. I don’t know how many levels or chapters there are but most of them are quite short so at least it’s worth playing through them a few times. You will have to fight a boss after each level but most of these aren’t too hard. You can also increase the difficulty or play under certain conditions at the beginning of each level. Something that really pleases me, not that it’s really important but I like the design of the game and the way everything looks. Everything is adorable, Pit’s expressions are lovely and it gives the game more personality. I still need to test the other features of the game since there is still more to discover but I have to say that I’m not disappointed of my purchase so far.

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[Recommendation] Manga: Doubt

Note: I’m writing this recommendation in English and French at the end. So feel free to read the one that suits you the most 😉

Some of you might have heard of a manga called Doubt which tells the story of a few students who are playing a game called Rabbit Doubt. This game consists of finding the person who is playing the wolf and killing the team mates in the group. Everything looks peaceful at the beginning of the story until the game becomes reality. The young people are prisoned in an abandoned building and will have to stay strong to survive at the end and find out who the wolf or in this case the murder is. Just like in the Saw movies, the characters will have to bring themselves in security, pass some kinds of bloody tests and will also learn terrifying things about their team mates.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you but I have to say that it is indeed concluded at the end and not many questions stay open. So you don’t have to be afraid of the story being too open ended or something.

The story is told in four mangas and I highly recommend owning the four of them since it’s hard to stop reading and it always ends with a cliffhanger.

The drawings are simple but still nice to look at apart from some scenes being a bit gory. The characters are variated and not too cliché which is an important fact for a manga like this one since it is most of all about the characters.

Not too long ago, a new story by the same mangaka has been released in Japan by the name of Judge. But there is unfortunately not much known about this manga yet so let’s hope that it won’t take too long to get a release date here too.

For my part, I read through the four mangas in two evenings (it was even scary reading this at night!) and I really enjoyed every page of it even if I’m not a huge horror movie or manga fan.

So in case you feel like reading a short but still very entertaining story, just go for it!

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[Review] Movies: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I went to the theatre to see the movie and was expecting a funny and entertaining popcorn flick. That’s also what we got! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a typical Disney movie, with lots of action, humor and nice effects. Story wise, well it’s not that special but it’s still trying to go into a new direction. And that’s most of all, what I liked about the movie.

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