Ranking the Mission: Impossible Movies

As some of you might know if you follow me on Twitter, I am obsessed with the Mission Impossible movies. I’ve seen the newest one, Rogue Nation, six times (and I’m taking a moment to apologize to my friends whom I dragged into this craziness, haha). Never got bored watching it over again and I just cannot wait anymore to get my hands on the blu-ray in a few months. I have also rewatched the other four movies as well, so perfect opportunity to rank them! Also, spoiler warning.

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[News] Video Games: Favorite E3 2012 Games

I have been watching all of this year’s E3 conferences, yes even the ones at 3 in the morning here in Europe. I was hoping for much more I have to admit, but after some thoughts, I decided to make a list of my top 8 favorite games that we saw during the conferences this year. This is of course based on trailers or gameplay videos only, since I couldn’t play the games myself  😉

1. Beyond : Two Souls
My biggest surprise for this year’s E3 was definitely Beyond : Two Souls. People who know me, know how much I love Heavy Rain and how often I’ve played this game. So seeing David Cage appearing on stage to present a new game was wonderful. Even better, Ellen Page will play the main character in this game and it already looks very promising.

2. The Last of Us
No surprise here, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is a must on every list concerning E3. Already the few trailers released before E3 made you want to play the game immediately but after showing some gameplay elements… I was speechless. And I was for sure not the only one.

3. Watch Dogs
When they showed the trailer, I had absolutely no idea what was going on or what to expect. But then they played the game for a few minutes and my jaw dropped. It looks stunning and immediately reminded me of a mixture of Heavy Rain and GTA. I cannot wait to see what else this game has to offer.

4. Dead Space 3
I knew that such an announcement would come and I was already excited for it. But after seeing the trailer… I couldn’t handle my excitement for this game. I think that the co-op is an excellent idea, since I was playing the first game for hours with a friend and now we will be able to play it together. You can of course play alone without the other character on your side. As for the action, yes it might look like Lost Planet and be a bit more action-packed, but come on; this was just a very small part of the game. We can’t say if the rest of the game will also be like that or keep the good old Dead Space style.

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