[Figures] Play Arts Kai Raiden

Hohoho two posts in a row and it didn’t take me 2 months to write it? I’m so proud.
Today, I went Christmas shopping with my parents and managed to get some presents or ideas of what I can get people (really don’t want to do this in last minute again).

The PS4 launched yesterday in Europe and since I didn’t pre-order it, I wasn’t able to get one. Seeing people getting excited about it made me wish I would have done that though, so I was kind of hoping to still find one somewhere, but no chance of course. It was sold out everywhere (apparently in the entire country) and I won’t be able to get one until next year. A bit disappointed at first (even if I totally saw this coming), I ended up leaving the store with something else instead. :green:

Raiden Figure-01

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