Figure Pre-orders

To change the formula a bit, I’ve decided to show you the figures I have on pre-order for the next few months! Most of them are scale figures or Nendoroids and I usually try to limit myself to 1-2 figures a month. This isn’t always easy though, since release dates might change, but as long as the final product ends up looking great, I don’t mind that much! (*^v^*)

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Shopping: Figure – Daryl Dixon Deluxe Action Figure

I know, it has been a very long while since I posted something here. Time and motivation are back now and I have so many ideas for articles that I wasn’t sure where to start. But decided to start with something I did today, a small photo shoot to be precise.

Went to Cologne with the family yesterday, and among some other nice things, I found this amazing 10-inch/25 cm Daryl Dixon figure from The Walking Dead. So I decided to take some nice photos with the camera I got for my birthday a short while ago, and here is the result.

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