Ireland Trip – Part I: City Sightseeing

It has been months since my last blog post which I wanted to make up for now. I’m really excited to share some thoughts and photos of my wonderful trip to Ireland, which I visited for the first time two weeks ago (14/07 – 21/07). I wasn’t too sure what to expect (other than being told that the weather was constantly bad, haha), but I was immediately impressed by how gorgeous everything is. Speaking of the weather, we were pretty lucky since it almost didn’t rain! We spent most of the week in Dublin (there was enough to discover there already), then went on a tour to Northern Ireland (which I will mention in another post) and finally spent some time in the middle and west of the country, in Offaly and Galway to be precise.

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Event: Gamescom 2014

I know I’m a bit late with this article but still wanted to share my experience at gamescom this year! This was my 4th time visiting gamescom and I’m always looking forward to that time of the year, since I just love going to Cologne with my friends and having fun there for a few days. Gamescom this year was even bigger and more crowded than last year, which made it really hard to play games and also to take good pictures. Not going to write a long description about each booth, just mainly want to share photos of my experience there.

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Previously in 2013: Best Moments

First of all: Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone is going to have a great year and that it already started nicely. I’m a bit late (as usual), I know, but had to study for my exams the last few weeks and it was really stressful. Now that all of that is over, I can focus on other things. :green:

I wanted to share something a bit more personal this time, my ‘best moments’ of last year, or things that I liked doing or changed in my life! I wasn’t really sure how I should structure this article, so I ended up making two collages with photos I took over the year, this one and another one about my favorite fandoms of 2013 which I will share in another post (it’s already written, so I will actually publish it after this one :P) Anyway, time to explain this little collage.

Best Moments 2013-01v03

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Event: Gamescom 2013

A few weeks have passed since gamescom and I’m only writing this now. 🙁
Anyway, this year, I stayed in Cologne from Thursday to Saturday and visited gamescom the same days of course, but not the entire time. That would be way too exhausting, considering how many people there were this year and how long you had to wait for certain games. That’s unfortunately also the reason why we didn’t see or play as many things as the years before. I am really disappointed in that and for some reason, our plans to play certain games didn’t work out and we lost a lot of time. But of course, not everything was bad, far from that and we managed to have a lot of fun and play certain games at least. Even if I left gamescom 2013 a tiny bit disappointed, I am still glad I could go there this year and I’m already excited for next year.

Event Gamescom-01

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[Events] A very special week

This post is going to be a bit more different and personal for once but I really felt like sharing it anyway. 🙂 A short while ago, I spent one week (19th-26th July) with someone really important and special to me and it was one of the best weeks of my life. We visited a few places during that time and the best one was obviously Paris. Ideal to find some new goodies and just waste money as I usually do. 😛 To stay in the same pattern of the blog, this will be a kind of haul and weekly recap article.

Comic Festival-01

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