[Blogging] Video Games: Gaming Update

March was definitely one crazy month for new games. And a good one. I already shared my unboxing of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and took pictures of the Tomb Raider one, but didn’t have time to write that one yet. :S But here is a very short article to show my latest purchases of last week. Great variation and great games.

Games March-01

I’m glad that the Wii U is finally getting a good game again, I started Lego City Undercover and played for maybe an hour and it’s really fun. The humor is fantastic and the open world allows the player to collect and discover so many things.

I think there is not too much to say about BioShock Infinite; people have been waiting for this game for years and now it’s finally here and it is perfect. I’m taking my time with this one, since I want to explore and enjoy all the little details in Columbia. Definitely a must play.

Finally, Luigi’s Mansion 2, another game many people have been looking forward to. I have to admit that I never played the first one on GameCube, even if I wanted to, so now I’m happy to play this one on my 3DS (since it was really collecting dust the last few months 🙁 ).

Games March-03

Almost forgot about this other purchase I made last week, HarmoKnight a rhythm game made by Game Freak, already a reason enough for me to buy it. Wasn’t sure about getting it at first because it can be found for 15€ in the Nintendo eshop, thought that it was a bit expensive but I am having a blast with this game. Couldn’t stop playing the last few days. I’m not the greatest rhythm gamer but I didn’t have too much trouble with HarmoKnight and I already finished it. I guess there isn’t too much replayability, unless you want to get gold everywhere and play a faster version of everything. But I don’t regret buying it at all and everyone who likes Game Freak or rhythm games, should definitely play this or at least try the demo.

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Anyway, so much for my little gaming update of the week. I added pictures of the Lego Chase McCain I got with the game and some pictures of the Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition in the gallery below in case anyone wants to see what’s inside that box.


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