[Blogging] Updates

I think it’s time for another update post. In case you have been visiting my blog a few times lately, you might have noticed the constant changes. I was never 100% satisfied with the layouts I decided to use and I do feel bad for changing things all the time instead of just posting something. In the end, I went back to a layout I was already using a few months ago. It’s very simple, maybe a little too much, but I like it.

Geekshrine Theme-01

I have also added and fixed a few minor things:

  • added a ‘read more’ in most of the posts
  • added ‘my instagrams’
  • changed the little ‘now playing’ collage to ‘current favorites’
  • made sure the gallery was working in the posts
  • changed the background pattern
  • tested the blog on mobile devices

The last point was a very important one in my opinion. The previous layouts I was using did not make it easy to navigate through the blog on a phone or tablet. Since I suppose that many people are using these nowadays, I thought it was necessary to make it work properly on these devices as well.

I have been thinking a lot about what kind of articles I should publish here. I really like doing ‘unboxings’ but I was also thinking about making more ‘first thoughts’ articles or very small reviews of games I am playing or other things I am watching or reading now. Also maybe more ‘collection’ articles, where I present some of my favorite things I collect.
The most important thing for me is to make my blog a little more personal. This won’t become my personal diary of course, but I might just write about things going on in my life a bit more often. I also have something else I wanted to work on in mind right now, but I will only talk about it once it is 100% ready.:)

I will still make a few small changes soon but will definitely try to publish things more often now that the blog is more or less presentable in my eyes.

Why am I telling you all of this? I don’t even know.:P But I think it’s important to let your readers know what you are up to. Anyway, really hope you enjoy this new version of the blog!


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